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Caid Centurion
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Character Name: Caid Centurion
Alias: Caid Smith, "Seven"
Age: 38
Height: 1.9 m (6'4")
Weight: 106.6 kg (235 lbs)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Praesitlyn

Faction Affiliation: Factionless
Occupation: Operative
OOC Rank: Apprentice
Force Alignment: Undetermined


Caid is a quiet, calculating individual.  His early life as a foster child moving from home to home created a strong sense of independence.  However, following his acquisition by The Organization, Caid was re-socialized and re-purposed into a weapon.  Currently, he is little more than a tool at the whims of whomever The Organization contracts with, albeit an effective tool.


Born on the bustling communications hub of Praesitlyn, Caid never knew anything about either of his birth parents, including his last name, as a kid.  For the first eight years of his childhood, he bounced from group homes to foster families; never quite fitting in.  Shortly prior to his ninth birthday, Caid ran away from his current foster home as he had so many times in the past.  This time, however, he was plucked from the freezing jungles of Praesitlyn by a group of men that appeared to be hunting.

For the next twelve years of his life, Caid was educated and trained in the ways of The Organization.  Due to his natural force affinity courtesy of both his parents, he excelled at many things, particularly combat applications.  It seemed that being a warrior was to some extent in his blood.  During an operation on Coruscant, Caid inadvertently uncovered evidence of his lineage.  His work never much required him to know the various powerful political figures in the galaxy, but the name Cameron Centurion rang faint bells of familiarity.

It was a rogue element of an organization called "Shadow Force" that conveyed the information of Caid's father to the twenty-year old assassin.  Naturally, Caid remained unphased, having gone most of the previous decade known only as "Seven" and "Caid Smith" prior to that.  However, he did utilize the resources of The Organization upon return to his safehouse to validate the information.  As he'd expected, the information was scant.  At best, he'd only managed to uncover reports indicating The Organization had been made aware of Caid's lineage some time ago through the use of various sources.

Rather than lash out at The Organization, Caid responded in a manner commensurate with his rigorous social conditioning and training.  He continued to work.

As the Galactic Holonet virus broke out, The Organization seemed to continue operations largely unhindered.  A fateful assignment to Anaxes would quickly begin changing the reality of Caid's perception of the galaxy as well as his priorities...
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