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Karthus Starblazer (WIP)
« on: 12/24/15 04:05:23 »
Avatar: Jai Courtney
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 227 lbs.
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Gray
Skin Color: Tanned Caucasian
Other: Pierced ears and eye brow, Varied Tattoo's

Character Name: Karthus Starblazer
Alias: Trickshot, Joker, Headcase
Age: Twenty-Seven
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld:  Nar Shaddaa

Legal Status: Nar Shaddaa Citizen
Relationship Status: Single
Living Situation: The Intrepid Champion
Occupation: Freelancer/Tracker/Pathfinder

Affiliation: Factionless
Rank: Trainee
Force Alignment: Neutral/NFU

Personal Skills: Karthus can speak, write, and understand Basic, Shyriiwook, Huttesse, Jawaease, and Jawa Trade Talk. He is also a trained and skilled tracker and pathfinder, skills he gained in the military, where he also became rather adept at skills with both Blaster Rifles and Vibro-Swords, which would augment his skills from his child hood on Nar Shaddaa, where he learned how to use Blaster pistols, scatter guns and vibro knives, as well as some skill at slicing. Somewhere between this all, he managed to become a capable pilot, a skill he plans on trying to master eventually. While never claiming to be a master at any skill, he would consider himself a jack of all trades.

Personality: Karthus is a bit of a wise ass, sort of sarcastic and generally care free. He spent a brief stint in the military, but washed out due to his lack of  regard for rules and regulations. This is not to say he can't be serious, or that he doesn't take his jobs seriously when he has them, even if he appears to not care, he actually does, at least when credits are involved.

History: Born the son of a pair of outlaws on the so called Smuggler's Moon, Karthus has spent most of his life skidding in and out of med centers, gambling dens, and street fights. He did leave for a brief period to be a soldier for the Alliance, but washed out quickly due to lack of regard for rules and regulations. Following his brief tenure with the military, he was quick to sell his skills as a tracker and pathfinder to anyone who was willing to pay, Sith, Jedi, gangsters, mercenaries, you name it, he didn't quite care, so long as the credits landed in his pocket at the end of the job. The next two years of his life would be spent saving up all of those credits to buy himself a ship, which wouldn't be easy by any means from what he would discover, so instead of buying a ship, he swindled one out from under the nose of another free lancer, where rumor has it he may have cheated, though he denies it adamantly.

Karthus' newly acquired ship (a YT-1930 transport) was in desperate need of repair and fixing, which he spent most of his winnings on. While not the greatest ship in the galaxy, it quickly became his baby and pride n' joy, he even renamed her finally, calling her the "Intrepid Champion". The Champion wasn't used for much in the way of transporting goods or people, unless clients really insisted on paying him big time, since for him, the ship was his home, and way to just avoid the issues of planetary rules and jargon that most planets had in place. Having grown used to living independently as a spacer, Karthus might come off a bit, odd, to most people he meets, since he really doesn't care what walk of life anyone comes from (which should have been clear from the fact he works for anyone willing to pay him).

Having taken the last year to himself, the young Freelancer had made the choice to finally touch down again in a local port, and make his way back into the Galactic Limelight, only time will tell what his new adventures will do to both him and the Galaxy at large...
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Re: Karthus Starblazer (WIP)
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