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Invasion Proposal - Mon Cala: Operation Shooting Fish in a Barrel

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Anon Nona:
Of course the name is in progress.

So what is a synthetic to do when he gets bored? He goes for a swim, of course.

With the communications of the galaxy in an uproar, I propose claiming some extra territory that we can garner some resource benefits from. Throwing a cocktail spear at a star chart, I choose Mon Cala of the Calamari system. They have fantastic ship building factories, a vast ecosystem of marine life, dual-suns for power generation, and tremendous amounts of water! Who backed their bathing suit?

Upon request, I am prepared to do preparatory story threads to develop and introduced needed technologies.

I would like to start with a negotiation route and convince the Mon Calamari, Quarren, or both to join with minimal resistance. If the Glorious Monarchs prefer, talks can be done under a proxy identification so as to reduce suspicion of a darker threat.

As words are never a guarantee to work, this would also be a great opportunity to showcase my line of aquatic-environment gear. How dare you think I am just trying to get faction members into tight-fitting wet suits! The nerve!

Questions, suggestions, and concerns are always appreciated.

Diomedes Antares:
I like it, and I think the Dac system remains largely intact from past events.  I'm not sure a proxy identification is all that necessary.  More to the point, most of what Nessarose and Dio have done haven't happened outside of the unknown regions or wild space.  At least...not to the degree anyone on Dac would recognize either of our names.

The only exception to that being Nessa's last name.  So I just wouldn't mention that.  The Potestatem itself still remains a relatively well-kept secret.

Anon Nona:
Negotiation Proposal:
I think the strongest resource the Dac system has to offer is their shipyards. As the communication structure of all major militaristic groups has been shattered, they would have little use of any facilities to produce battle-quality vessels en masse. In addition, Mon Cala would also be a good point of expansion for purposes of trade for that region.

We could also market Mon Cala Crystal Clear Spring Water. "It's good enough for the fish heads. ;) "

Cameron Centurion:
Cool. I like it.

Anon Nona:
Invasion Wishlist:

1) Attack Fleet - Can't go anywhere with a stylish ride. Do we have information on cruisers TSP possesses? If we are in need of a fleet retrofit, I could be so inclined to make a few for this purpose.

2) Assault craft - If it comes to invasion, the fishy defenders can easily forfeit their surface positions and withdraw to the ocean. As Endelaan's warriors do not possess gills, we will need an alternative. Taking some inspiration form the clone wars, I would like to improve the design on the squid-like craft and apply my own flair to the construction. If we do go with amphibious battle droids, I would like to supplement them with biological lieutenants and commanders. Some help convincing the natives to slip into dive suits would be helpful.

3) Invitations for Everyone! - I would like to involve as many people as we can to help drive up activity for the faction and make everyone else jealous. If needed, can do in more than one thread.


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