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CVD Movements
« on: 11/14/15 06:01:08 »
Besides what Petra is doing behind the scenes in her cult, there are other things that need Staffers approval... yay?

First one is Faction Purchase... A thread to get these guys (LINK) built once Cam (and having Zane) look it over.

Second is planetary takeover, the planet is Bogden and Petra has been around that area in another thread that had Mirus in it. It is the main planet that the moon the Bando Gora is based on. The three targets I'm thinking of are communications of the world, water/food supply and military. Comms being redone to broadcast Cult favor info and subliminal messages that tie to the second piece which is having Bando Gora drugs injected into the water/ supply to increase converting rate to the Cult, and lastly just attack military base as 'click-bait' so other two goals would have little responses.

Approval for one... both... or even more? ;) <3 :P