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Zane Watts
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Avatar: Matthew Fox
Character Name: Zane Watts
Alias: -
Age: 28 months; mid-20s appearance
Species: Human clone
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Unknown

Faction Affiliation: Jedi Strike Operations; formerly the Republic
Faction Rank: Commander
Occupation: Soldier
OOC Rank: Knight
Force Alignment: Light
  • (+) Flash Training: Zane is a very fast learner, entirely thanks to the fact his mind is receptive to flash training. It means that he can pick up things quickly and retain it, especially when it comes out of a machine. However, the Force can never be flash-trained - it's too personal and innate, not something that can be taught by rote.
  • (+) Commando: Zane's primary training package is that of a Republic commando; Zane's proficient in all manner of blaster weapons and the art of Stava, the martial art of the Noghri assassins. This puts him in good standing as a soldier. On the field, he's bred to be the best. Not quite a one-man army, but when you put four other guys behind him with big guns and balls of steel, then you get an army.
  • (-) Arrogance: He's Ben Watts. Pure and simple - he is Ben Watts, for all intents and purposes, but not tempered with the training of Jedi. He genuinely believes himself better than most people, given the fact that he's the clone of the Jedi Grandmaster. He uses it to his advantage, masquerading as his slightly-older genetic template and acting as a body double in some cases - though their utterly different beliefs make it impossible to act like him, most of the time.
  • (-) Predetermination: Zane knows that he's just a clone and has his fate already determined. How couldn't he? He's Ben Watts, right? He woke up with Republic flash-training embedded in his skull which means all he has and all he knows is battle. War. Killing. And who the hell Ben Watts is and some of his deepest secrets. The fact that he has literally nothing else as the basis of his life is the source of considerable frustration. As such, this brings him anger problems every now and then - mostly self-loathing at the fact that he can't break out of the shell someone else gave him.
History: What happens when you get Ben Watts' DNA and a Spaarti cloning cylinder? Zane Watts, that's friggin' what. A crazy scientist guy managed to get Ben's DNA. Apparently a Sith or something, whatever, and then Zane was grown. Fortunately, this clone found himself in the hands of the Republic one month later, and they decided 'hey, let's use him'. Cue the flash-training and some killer equipment, and you have a well-honed and decidedly killing-oriented battlefield commando who loves himself some big guns.

What did they do with him? Promote him to Captain, give him a commando squad and tell him to seek out Force-training in his own time, like any good murder-hungry Republic soldier with the ability to call on the Force should. Of course. Isn't that how the Republic works? Sure. Let's go with that.

But what happens when the Jedi Order and the Republic, along with the Revenant Empire - and the vast majority of the Galaxy - decide to crash? Zane had a few moments to think. Aboard his command ship, the Valiance-class Execution in Autumn, the burgeoning commander of Jedi Strike Operations decided to take what little he had and run. With that, he vanished into hyperspace, consolidating what forces he had into a single cohesive command. Membership in the Jedi Order was officially meaningless. There were no real commands left - only what he had by sheer force of will. As the Commannding Officer of Jedi Strike Operations, he turned that into his own fledgling empire: one man, one ship and its crew, with its sights set on expanding its influence and, in the aftermath of the calamity, doing some good for what little of the Galaxy he could.

Force Powers:

Breath Control
Basic Telekinesis
Enhance Ability
Force Comprehension
Force Persuasion
Force Sense
Magnify Senses
Meditative Trance
Telekinetic Strike
Control Pain
Force Healing (Self)

Battle Precognition
Body Adjustment
Enhanced Force Sense
Enhanced Telekinesis
Force Choke
Force Deflect
Force Sight
Force Spark
Force Healing (Other)
Force Meld
Force Stun
Mind Trick
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