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November Check In!


Anon Nona:

November 2015
Who's all back? Who's ready for some fun? Use the template below so we can know you are not a zombie. Zombies can not use keyboards, that's a FACT! You can leave the post link blank or link a current post so we can know what you are up to. Should be easy to find considering there is only like four new posts out there. :P
To check in, simply reply with this and fill it out:

--- Quote ---Character Name:
Character Path: Path of the Warrior / Path of the Sorceress / Pathless /  NFU / FABULOUS!
Character Rank:
Link to one IC post:

--- End quote ---

Anon Nona:

Character Name: Anon Nona (+ Anon Anima)
Character Path: NFU
Character Rank: Gentry
Link to one IC post:

Rach Sullen:
Character Name: Rach Sullen
Character Path: Path of the Sorceress
[/size]Character Rank: Master
[/size]Link to one IC post: Haven't started one yet, just got here.

Asteria deWinter:
Character Name: Asteria deWinter
Character Path: Path of the Sorceress
Character Rank: Sorceress
Link to one IC post: Empress Herself Couldn't Find Them This Good

Diomedes Antares:
Diomedes Antares
Path of the Warrior


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