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Harder Better Faster
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Hello to friends both new and old!

I'll be the first to step forward to behold where the Sanquine Potestatem has left of and introduce to any new faces who have joined our family. It certainly would be prudent to take our place on the grande stage, but let us not frighten our adversaries and scare away some good fun. So please, I encourage everyone to provide an introduction, catch us up on what you (IC) have been up to, and what you hope to do with this revival.

If you have never had the pleasure, I weep at your loss for I am the magnificent, flamboyant technophile Anon Nona. Dare not call me a droid as that is a sickly word and I am so much more. Though if droid is the limit to your imagination, I fear it will have to suffice. As far as machines go, I am much softer being a synthetic version of biology with a few cybernetic perks. My story paused as we were about to take Kamino, and before I was charged with bringing the wonders of science to this savage system. The locals are not without their merits, and with such a lovely culture it would be a shame to trample it, so many of the advances I have provided are kept shrouded in mysticism. Only a handful of scholars among the natives are chosen to understand the truths I have to share.

Not all things are business. Luxury is something I hold in high regard, and thrive in the social scene. If there is a party, exhibition, or an opening of a new boutique, plan on be being in the front row. Material things are a joy of mine, and no one has a larger collection of shoes than I.

Were things to go as plan, I wish to continue on my experiments with synthetic hybrids. Biology has had eons to come up with perfection, but isn't without needing a few modern conveniences. I also would like to make Odem a major archive of information in the galaxy so I may need to visit other centers to add to the collection. Some held by not the friendliest of hosts. And finally, an unrealistic goal of mine is to crack open the secrets of the Force and make use of it in multiple applications. Mass-produced Sith Warriors? Surely never. Never, could someone tell me what that word means, it is vacant from my vocabulary catalogs.