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Scheming Renewed or Breaking in New Plots?

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Anon Nona:
I worry that as dear as our old storied are many of the endings may have stagnated or left unsatisfactory, mine included. And we can't deny some good satisfaction. With a revival of Descension I am inclined to begin new conspiracies and deals though old ploys are always worth their own resurrections. And new acquaintances are always welcome.

Drop me a line or swing on by and we can start something new or visit something old. My body is always ready for a fabulous time.

Amarant deWinter:
What's in it for me ?

Lauda Cavataio:

--- Quote from: Anon Nona on 10/06/15 20:47:56 ---My body is always ready for a fabulous time.

--- End quote ---


Have fun, boys :)

Anon Nona:
Why, my dear boy, we shall put a ding in the universe!

Shery deWinter:
And I thought people mostly just wanted their old posts :)

*licks everyone*


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