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Tinker Tinker, Bad Girl...
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The hot and torrid smells and sights of sex permeated the place, soft moans growing ever quieter as Quera finished up her session with another satisfied customer. The fact that she had been responsible for filling a void in the life of this man and countless others in the galaxy, men and women, made her smile with a degree of satisfaction at her work.

And yet she wanted more. She desired a degree of freedom, the opportunity to live her own life, settle down, get a house or an apartment, find someone who loved her as a person, not for her body, her bedroom skills, or her reputation. She wanted someone who would... well... love her for her.

But for the time being, she was wanted by her mistress, Lady deWinter. She had no clue why - only that it was some important matter. And as she knew from experience, one did not keep the woman waiting for very long.

"Yes, Mistress?"