Author Topic: I have a problem, and the problem is me.  (Read 371 times)

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I have a problem, and the problem is me.
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Firstly, I want to emphasize that this is in no part a fault of anyone else but my own, or some vain attempt at martyrdom. This is a reflection on what has happened for quite a few months.

There has been no ambition on my part to complete any story threads, or even partake in the OOC discussion on the board. Anything I have done to progress Anon Nona ends up stopping at the first two posts. All I do at Descension is lurk in the Skype chat room, portraying myself as Anon would. And as I am very prone to argue, for both leisure and vindiction, I find that I end up doing more attacks than logical rebuttals. As far as Anon the character, I spend too much time reaching farther than his limits to the point where I don't see him with any limits. Seriously, he is a fleet of nanodroids put together T-1000 style with incredible computing skills and quantum processing. I didn't realize it, but it became a game to be better than everyone else.

It is easy to recommend a change of habits, but that has always been one of my hardest challenges to face. And I don't think it is something I can do for a roleplaying board where I have lost interest in roleplaying before I even knew it.

This admission may have been brought on by events in real life, and perhaps once I have solved these problems there may be a better chance to write. However, until that time comes, consider all posts made by Anon Nona to be void. Anything he may have affected is free to be retconned to originate from another source.

There has been some laughs, but all fabulous things come to an end.
May the Force be with you.

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Re: I have a problem, and the problem is me.
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