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Amo Vita (Shery)
« on: 08/09/13 12:14:05 »
The galaxy was an odd creature and one that has seen a lot like the woman who claim goddess status among billions could a testified to the galaxy's behavior. As it had it own form of behavior, the force was right along with its own behavior. Ones might ignore it all but one that that used it to exist longer than she should from entities. Petra had been a creature of the shadows. Unlike the sith she trained with, she view the code and power differently. She was achieving her goal that she was pining for so long.

Tython home of where force users fought against their overlords. The Je'daii that birth the Jedi Order who gave an opening for Dark Jedi and those breeding into the Sith. After the fall of the Empire that Petra was involved with, she hid her identity with some work on her face. Sith pureblood gave her some features that were non normal human appearing. Now she had a face that was more like human without of the bony jaw.

Petra was there for many reasons. The main one was to start her corruption. The cult was growing in numbers as minds accepted the ancient woman for a deity. The witches accepted the notion she was the two spirit deities of Dathomir. Other worlds were victims of mind control through drugs and subliminal messages. For the world of Jedi, their leads were first in line for her special touch.

Landing a way from settlements, there was the desire of not being notice until it was the right time to say she was there. Petra was fine with walking to her destination. It had been so long since she last step foot on the planet. It was almost her entire life in reality. No lost or big deal for that fact. The treasuring of the planet by the Jedi and those on it kept it the same even present day.

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Re: Amo Vita (Shery)
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It was within one of those settlements that the Sith Mistress was, though none could have known any better. Draped in white fabric, the expression on her face as well as her body language could be described as nothing 'worse' than serene. From several angles, she almost seemed to glow with the Lightside.

And how could she otherwise?

For she was Lady deWinter, and she wore her false Lightside Aura with the perfect grace that one could expect to see her wear anywhere. To all those who laid eyes on her, her entire existence screamed 'Jedi'. And she relished in it, speaking kindly to the people and the Twileks of the planet, holding the children in her arms, pretending to care.

And how they fell for it, one by one, unknowing that death lurked just behind the corner.