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Odem, The SIlver Spires

A city-state under the leadership of Anon Nona, Odem acts as a factory and laboratory for the Sanguine Potestatem. Created using similar concepts to his own body, the city functions similar to a giant computer by means of its population and channels of nano-machines woven into the very foundation itself. In addition to being the home of many projects that Anon oversees, Odem houses the first learning center on Endelaan dedicated to the sciences.


After spending months the Lost Sands, the largest desert of Endelaan's southern continent, Anon Nona digested the raw materials found below the desert, and recycled the matter into carbon-based compounds. Using nanodroids to branch out his form, Anon used his body as a central structure and built around himself. During construction, Anon was able to form a network of circuitry that was a part of the architecture. Once primary buildings were completed, Anon made drove the city to the surface. In addition to the many tall spires the creates Odem's skyline, the city also has a vast underground complex of interweaving routes the maintains the city's stability.

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Re: The Silver Spires of Odem [under construction]
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Looking good :) Once you're done with the RP of it, post it here and I can update everything.