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Anon's Big Special Blue Light Pre-Kamino Sale Extravaganza!


Anon Nona:
Deals like these don't come by all the time! 20% off! 50% off! Hell, let's make it all free!!! How can I give away offers like these? I MUST BE MAD!!!

Before we go make friends with our would be cloner compadres, place your order now for the best The Sanguine Potestatem has to offer in gear; both practical and fashionable!
Reply below for anything you need, think you may need, or want for shits and giggles. Add a warranty to your purchase, and receive a case of six ORBs completely free! That's right! Get something free, and another thing for free! The only thing better than free is more things for free!!!!!

ORB Utility SpheresProgrammable nanodroid fluid pressurized within a disposable canister. Once deployed, the nanodroids will assume a structure of predetermined design made of carbon composite. Constructs are light and durable, capable of fine edges, but limited to an internal library of basic items. For expanded library of complex constructs, close proximity to a Nonatech representative is required.Current Nonatech personnel:-Anon Nona

Anon Nona:
Oh my! This sounds absolutely fabulous! So much choice, and who can argue with such prices!
My operation requirements are as follows:
x1 6-pack case of ORB Utility Spheres (making that 12 total spheres with the promotion)x1 Tailored robes made of Smartmesh nanodroid fabric- Colors: White with blue underlay, luminescent circuitry patterns, luminescent strips on primary seams.- Fabric conceals a variety of weapons, including: 1x light caster canon; 2x blaster rifles; 6x heavy blasters; 4x blaster pistols.- 12x hidden compartments, able to house most hand-sized items.- Sufficient power to provide each armament a single battery pack of power.- Compatible with ORB Utility Spheres and Anon's own synthetic composition for expanded use.- Yes, it needs to be big enough to carry all this. Heavy too.x1 10-pack of Breather Gel lip applicators- Acts as an underwater breathing apparatus.- High-pressured gas is stored in small bubbles in gel; provides approx. 10 minutes of air per application.- Tactile control for unsealing the mouth, directional gas release, and flavor selection.- Still in testing. Only 12% of users suffered from head explosions from expanding gas.

I'll take 12 of everything!

Anon Nona:
*waves a magic wand and boops Domino on the nose.*
It is done!


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