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Apex Predators


Kiara Redwood:

Endelaan, Deep Jungle[/color]
A small rodent scurried accross the floor in its endless search for food. The scratching of its tiny feet suddenly stopped as the creature sniffed at the air. Without warning a shape burst from the foliage and sprinted accross the foliage covered ground. Smokey tendrils wrapped around her body as she grabbed the creature by the head snapped its neck in one quick movement. At the far side of the clearing she scampered up to the lower branches and sat down to enjoy her meal. In one fluid motion she pulled the skin off rodent and tossed in into the air. Sinking her teeth into the steaming meat and leaned back in pleasure as the blood flood out of her mouth and down her bare skin. She continued to devour the creature one bite at a timeher entire front side was slicked in blood. The female was so consumed by her meal that when she looked up all the other creatures had gone sielent. She dropped the carrcess and wrapped herself in the black smoke that was her only protection from the comming predator.

Anon Nona:
"Oh what a treat! These will do splendidly." Pale hands fondled red blossoms as Endelaan's resident technophile snipped the flower's stem. The petals glistened with toxins; an obvious danger to those who called these forests home. This man, however, in all his finery and cleanliness, seemed completely oblivious. His ignorance went unpunished as he handled the poison with bare hands, showing no notice that he held a bouquet of death.
Anon's white skin sparkled in the shafts of sunlight that cut through the canopy. Equally white hair remained silken even within the humidity. This was a man who stood apart from nature itself. His eyes even appeared to glow with an unnatural light, if glowing eyes could be considered natural. It was only the sudden PLOP! of animal remains that tore the cybernetics genius from his aloofness. A yelp without the slightest hint of masculinity escaped his lips, cringing at the sudden disturbance.
"My, how vulgar." Anon commented, quickly recognizing the source of his fright, yet not releasing his one-legged stance. "Little ladies should not eat with their fingers."
Anon Nona had yet to find his companion in the jungle, but rapid analysis of the lump of meat on the ground told him enough: humanoid bite marks, small in diameter that was common among females. Mid-teans to late-twenties. What remains of finger depressions supported this. Though guesses were only guesses, and certainty would only come when the little savage revealed itself. Anon looked about the branches above, his crystal blue eyes scanning for any movement. His smile had an eeriness in its exaggeration. Sadism disguised as kindness.

Kiara Redwood:
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IC:Moving softly from branch to branch, sticking to the shadows as much she could until she had circled around to her previous position but almost thirty feet higher. Looking down on the man she watched as he scanned the trees, his blue eyes seemingly piercing every inch of the foliage. A sinking feeling of entrapment came over her as his gaze came closer and closer. She knew she could escape with how close he was to her. The only option was to attack and hope surprise would be enough to take him down.
A swift kick snapped a small limb of the tree and sent it clattering away from her. Leaping into the air the smokey tendrils that had wrapped her body dissipated exposing her her pale skin stitched with scars. Moments before she landed on the forest floor the female grabbed a branch to slow her descent. Dropping into a crouch as she hit the ground she centered herself on the man and exploded towards him in a full sprint, her knotted brown hair flowing behind her.

Anon Nona:
"My stars!" Anon yelped, raising up his arms to protect his face from falling leaves and twigs. Hopping on to one foot to brace against whatever savage beasty was descending from the tree tops, Anon finally caught sight of the little predator. Shock remained in Anon's crystal eyes, but an intrigued smile dared to curl his lips.
Could this fool be so ignorant to drop his guard while being rushed by an aggressor? As fake as his hair, Anon shared with the savage his best attempts at a warm smile. Treating her like a lost puppy, Anon bent forward with hands on knees, cooing gently to try ease the girl's temperament. Clucking his teeth, Anon even held out a hand to her. He did nothing in response that his companion in the woods was charging him with the ferocity of a wild animal.
"Come now, little Rabbit. I won't hurt you."


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