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Amarant often forgot how much he hated the planet of Ilum. Its freezing cold weather, frigid winds, and the beasts located on the death pit excuse of a planet were that of his nightmares. It never helped that he hated the cold in the first place and always had to wear an absurd amount of clothing just to get off of his ship. His ship, Felucia, was better outfitted to deal with the planet now that he had been here multiple times. He was also more accustomed to the winds and he flew the ship accordingly so that he could deal with the harsh conditions. The last time he was here he was sure he was going to crash and destroy his ship, and while it still came out with damage, it was much easier to correct than he had first assumed. Slowing the ship down enough so that he could land, he glanced out of the window to see the crystal caves, his destination this day.

The last time he had been here he had helped transport crystals so that they could mass produce lightsabers on Endelaan. Though they still had plenty, Amarant had his eyes on another crystal, a different color, one that suited him better. He was not a fan of the red or purples, but rather, he had his eyes set on an orange crystal. It was his favorite color and he felt it described who he was better than the other crystals did. He was a cold and calculated warrior, not a savage like some of his brothers in arms, and he wanted it to translate into the weapon he would be using from this point onward.

Now that he was officially a Gladiator, it was time for him to craft his own lightsaber, and he had chosen to attempt the task on his own. He could have stayed on Endelaan and crafted one for himself, hell, by now he could have made over fifty of them. He was a gifted smith and it was obvious by the sword that was slung over his back, Nex, the Sith Sword that he had designed himself. Though it was a worthy weapon, he would not be able to compete against a lightsaber with only his Sith Sword, he needed something quicker and more deadly. Plus, lets be honest, Lightsabers were vastly more badass.

The ship came to a rocky landing and Amarant made sure that his ship was not going to fall through the ice before he unbuckled himself from his seat. The bay doors came down and he was instantly hit in the face by the freezing cold weather. He shivered and he let out a loud "Fuck!" before he sucked it up and walked down the ramp to the planet. The walk was a good twenty minutes to the caves, but it seemed much longer, all he could think about was how cold it was and how the caves were only barely warmer than the outside. The wind started to make him hate his life, and before long, he longed for the cave where the freezing cold wind could no longer get to him.

An eternity passed before he got to the entrance and he sprinted to the cave, wanting nothing more than to be out of the frigid wind. He slumped into the cave, falling over, and landing on his back. Nex pressed into his shoulder blades, but he did not care, he laid there for as long as his body could handle it. After awhile he closed his eyes and he began to use the force to warm himself up. It did not take long before he was ready to continue his journey into the heart of the caves. He had been well into the caves once before, but if he was to get an orange crystal, he was going to have to venture much further in.

The crystal he was after was very rare and the chances of him actually finding one were pretty slim, but once he retrieved it, it would be worth it. Amarant enjoyed standing out from everyone else, much like his entire family, so this was something he was going to do whether anyone liked it or not. Plus he wanted to prove that he could accomplish a task like this, on his own, without the help from his cousin. It was not that he did not like her, he loved her, but she and the rest of the family overshadowed him by a large margin. Not only was he one of the newest members and was still getting to know everyone, he was also the baby, one of the youngest besides Jonathan and his new whore of a wife. He wanted to prove that he was a worthy deWinter, he was not a joke, he was a capable warrior.

Still freezing, he journeyed into the cave, he knew how to get to the main crystal room as he had been there before but that was not his destination. From reading archives and trying his hardest to pinpoint the location he needed to get to, the room he was looking for was much further underground, and much more dangerous. Luckily for him most of the animals who had once holed up in the cave were gone now, slaughter after their last stop here, which was obvious by the funky smell in the air. The cold weather did not let the animals rot, but even the cold could not hide as much killing that had gone on here.

The journey through the caves was never pleasant, it was dark and cold, and filled with many twists and turns. He eventually came to the location that had crumbled before their feet the last time they had been there. Amarant paused, looking at the distance between himself and the other side, before he decided he could make the jump. Backing up, he prepared his body with the force and gave himself the ability to both run faster and leap further. Taking a deep breath, he took off in a sprint, and he leaped once he reached the edge. He flew through the air, arms flailing, and he came crashing down to the other side. He had overestimated the jump, and his stomach crashed into the edge of the ice, his breath seemingly jumped out of his body and he scraped and clawed trying to grab ahold of anything so he did not plummet to his death. A jagged piece of ice, his hand grabbed it, and he stopped himself from falling. Letting out his breath, he slowly pulled himself up, and he paused on his hands and knees. Standing up, he turned to look down into the hole, which looked bottomless and dark from where he stood. He had no time to waste, though, and he continued on his journey.

Minutes turned into hours and he did not seem to be getting any closer. He was starting to get lost, he was going deeper into the cave where his knowledge of the layout stopped, and he was having to reach out with the force to give himself guidance on where to go next. The cave was getting darker and the only thing that produced light was a tiny flashlight that hung off of his jacket. He did not need much, though, he could walk with nothing more than the force if he had to.

Turning a corner Amarant was knocked from his feet by a powerful blow. He was sent flying through the air before he came crashing to the ground and he slid across the slippery ice. Confused and disoriented, he did not have much time to react, as when he looked up a Gorgodon was barreling towards him and was completely ready to eat Amarant for dinner. Pushing himself to his feet, he built up enough force energy into his hands to create a powerful force push, and right as the beast was about to swipe at him Amarant unleashed it and sent the beast flying through the air. Before the beast could even land, Amarant was charging it, his sword pulled from its sheath and ready to strike. Leaping into the air, Amarant landed on the beast chest and pierced his sword through the animals heart. It struggled for a moment, but Amarant twisted his blade, and finally it succumbed to death.

Finally able to relax, Amarant let out a sigh, and he collapsed backwards with Nex still in his hands. He landed on his butt and he reached up to feel his head, which was bleeding from the blow, it all hit him at once. He was not paying attention as he walked through the caves, the Gorgodon had sneaked up on him, it could have killed him if it was not a stupid and mindless beast. The thought bugged him for a moment, if he had come across someone who was intent on killing him, he would have been dead. He let the cold effect his mind too much, he had to be more aware.

Bruised, bleeding, and battered, he had to continue through his injuries. After a brief rest next to the warmth of the now dead beast, he pushed himself up, and he continued onward into the caves. This time he made sure he was aware of his surroundings, he could not afford to let another Gorgodon sneak up on him, next time he may not be so lucky.

How long had he been on Ilum? Hours? Maybe even a day? He could not tell, his entire body was practically frozen, and now the blood that had seaped out was frozen to his head. His head throbbed, his body ached, and he did not seem to be getting anywhere. He paused to eat a quick meal that he had brought with him that he had stored in his backpack. It was like eating an ice cube, and weirdly enough, he almost felt worse after he ate the meal. He also brought along some water, but it was no use, it was frozen solid. Sighing, he continued again, ready for this journey to be over with.

He turned a corner, and something bright glowed in the darkness, and a feeling over joy overwhelmed him. He had reached the deepest parts of the cave and now he could finally get his hands on the crystal he wanted. Entering the room, he was overwhelmed by how many there were. They were all either blue, green, or purple, and the brightness of the room almost overwhelmed him. He began his search, peering into every corner of the room, until he finally came across the one he wanted. Relief swept over him, he finally found an orange crystal. He picked it up, looked it over, and then almost shouted out in joy. Something so small had required a journey like this.

He had planned on crafting the blade back on his ship, but he could not wait any longer, he took his backpack off and he set it down in front of him. Sitting cross legged, he pulled all of the parts he needed out and set them in front of him. Using the force, he slowly began to put the pieces together, being very gentle as to not break them. These were all he had brought with him, and if it malfunctioned, he did not think he would be able to find any other orange crystals. Piece by piece he put the lightsaber together, and albeit it was coming slowly, it was at least going better than most of his trip had.

After another hour or so, his lightsaber was complete, and he gently laid it down on the ice in front of him with the force and he picked it up. It felt so light in his hands, but so powerful, he felt like he was finally a true Sith to be reckoned with. This meant he was going to have to practice for hours a day with the blade so that he could actually become proficient with it, but with his learning ability, he did not think it would take him long. After months of waiting, he finally pressed the button on the hilt, and his orange blade sprung to life with a hum that filled the entire room. He could feel the grin coming onto his face, and he slowly moved it around in his hands. The feeling of the lightsaber in his hands was incredibly different than any sword he had ever wielded before. There was no weight on the blade, only in the hilt, and moving it around felt awkward at first.

Satisfied, he deactivated the blade, hooked it on his belt, and started his long journey back to Endelaan.