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Aurielle Stratus
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Name: Aurielle Cielo Stratus
Age: Role-played anywhere from 22-45 most commonly; on flexible timeline
Rank: Knight/Adept
Faction: Jedi (Unknown: Works as a Spy within the Empire)
Position: Grand Vizier; The Emperor’s Watcher of the Senate

Legal Status: Citizenship on Kuat, Corellia, Hapes, and Coruscant, but can go wherever she wishes by decree of the Emperor
Marital Status: Single (and not looking)


Jackson Side:

*Daniella Jackson (deceased) – Mother
*Eric Jackson (deceased) – Father
Jacob Stratus (deceased) – Elder Brother
Kellis Jackson (deceased) – Younger Sister

**Chelsea Lemont (deceased) – Aunt
**Orion Lemont (deceased) – Uncle
Faith Lemont (deceased) – Younger Cousin (triplet #1)
Hope Lemont (deceased) – Younger Cousin (triplet #2)
Chastity Lemont (deceased) – Younger Cousin (triplet #3)

Stratus Side:

*James Stratus – Uncle; Adoptive Father
*Dana Lance (Stratus) – Future Step Mother
Kaidlen Shaun (Stratus) – Adoptive Elder Sister

**Marc Stratus – Uncle
Lena Stratus – Elder Cousin

***Ashlee Stratus – Aunt

****Nicole Stratus – Aunt


Avatar Choice: Hayden Panettiere
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Blonde, often dyed brunette for a change
Eyes: Classified Hazel, but often change colors depending on mood, lighting, and clothing choice
Body Type: Slender and curvy, but soft
Distinguishing Marks: burn scars cover the skin of most of her back

Clothing Style: business to business casual at all times, never seen dressed lower than her standard, save for pre-scheduled times set aside for physical exercise.


Aurielle was born to Daniella and Eric, the middle child. She lived a charmed childhood, filled with love and lots of adventures with her brother, sister, and adoring parents. She loved her life on Naboo, where the streets were safe and their home in lake country was a treasured place for family and friends.

When she was 9, though, tragedy struck. Aurielle and her family were on their way to visit the Stratus branch of their small family when their ship collided with an escape pod, jetted out as a joke. Aurielle was the only survivor of the terrible ordeal. Once she recovered, James adopted her as his own, and worked to heal the emotional scars, but the physical reminder would always remain.

For many years, James watched Aurielle. But when she turned 18, her big heart and virtuous life choices were enough to prove her a candidate for the Jedi training her Uncle had, as a Jedi Master who lost his powers due to illness. He was able to teach her the ways of the Jedi, and at the age of 20, she was accepted as a Knight.

Aurielle then began a double life. She was bright and well connected, and earned the respect of almost everyone who spoke with her. Traits like loyalty, honesty, and integrity helped her gain the confidence of high ranking planetary politicians on Naboo, where she learned how to organize, control, and maintain. At 22, she was offered a position within the Emperor’s own staff as a Grand Vizier based on her recommendations and accomplishments. This would be of great advantage to the Jedi, Aurielle had no doubt.

So, choosing to be the silent earpiece for her order, she agreed to live the double life in order to report back to the Jedi. Aurielle was able to cloak her Force presence with an inhibitor made by her father, who still does not approve of her choice, and she left for Coruscant.
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Aurielle Stratus
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