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New Force [Jcink]
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Star Wars: New Force

300 ABY

One hundred years.  The century of peace is what all the historians have begun calling it.  The peace shows no sign of ending, but little does anyone know is that the peace is going to come crashing down.  How?  By the hands of an enemy long thought vanquished from the galaxy.  The Sith Empire is returning, bringing forth a small army and an armada into known space to begin a war to reclaim the galaxy under Sith rule.  Imperials, Jedi, Mandalorians, Criminals, and Unaligned members of the galaxy know not of this coming of the Sith, will they be ready to face this new force?

Star Wars: New Force is a play-by-post RP.  We are a freeform, no wordcount game offering a wide galaxy to explore.  We offer the chance to build usergroups for user created sub-factions or groups, should your character(s) not fall into a specific faction.  We offer the chance for adding several fanon additions  (organizations, tech, species, locations, & other miscellaneous matter) into the storyline.