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Lucian Drakul
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-Name- Lucian Drakul

-Profession- Sith Master , Emperor

-Species- Human / Garhoon

-Age- 129

-Height- 6'2''

-Weight-200 lbs

-Appearance- (Picture for reference)

-Distinguishing  marks- Scar from a knife on the center of his chest

-Homeworld- Concord Dawn

-Family- Cyrena Drakul (Wife)  / Anubis Starkiller (Son) / Eric Corven (Grandson) / Xander Starkiller (Nephew)

-Personality- Violent, Sadistic, Overtly cruel

-History-  TBD

-Strengths- His ties to the Darkside are very strong, and has spent his time learning the higher echelons of such, he is physically strong as well, but his power excels with the Force.

-Weaknesses- He can be quick to anger at times, and only his wife or brother can truly calm him or have any hope to avoid his wrath. He has been known to murder just out of spite and fun, yet most of the time, he is reserved and examines the situation so as to create more pain to the one that offends him, such as by killing their family rather than them.
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Lucian Drakul
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