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Fallout: Duck and Cover [Jcink]
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War. War never changes.

From  the moment men picked up sticks and stones against their neighbors,  mankind has dedicated itself to inventing new ways to wipe everyone else  off the face of this world. Over two hundred years ago, mankind found a  way to do this on a whole new scale. The skies were made of fire and  the ground below was reduced to a barren wasteland, nearly devoid of  life.

But war never changes.

You find yourself in this  world of destruction and rebirth, of hope and despair. What mark will  you leave? Will you become a savior to the people and lead them to a new  Eden? Or will you become a scourge of the land and bring your selfish  desires to their dark fruition? No matter what, that chapter is still  being written…

DUCK AND COVER is a brand new  forum-based role playing game set in the FALLOUT world. Create a  character and pick a wasteland— the Mojave Desert or the Washington,  D.C. Ruins— and see if they have what it takes to survive in the harsh  world of post-apocalyptia!


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Fallout: Duck and Cover [Jcink]
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