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Lady Geneva Báthory
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General Information
Name: Geneva Báthory
Title: Countess of Báthory / Lady Báthory
Birth planet: Čachtice Estate, Doan
Loyalties: House of Doan, Cyrena Báthory
Specie: Garhoon
Gender: Female
Age: 126

Physical Appearance
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Green / Icy blue when hungry
Hair Color: Brown
Body Shape: Slim
Skin Tone: Varies from pale to toned
Distinguishing Marks: Her eyes turn to an icy shade of blue when she is hungry.

Skills and abilities
Force Training
     Basic Telekinesis
     Force Sense
Natural Skills/Strengths
     Naturally possessed Garhoon abilities
     Trained in using swords and various firearms
     Highly educated (including educate and posture, languages and instruments)       

Mother:  Lady Nicole Delancre Báthory
Father: Lord Gerran Báthory of Somlyo
Siblings: Cyrena Báthory Drakul
Other family: Gabrielle Drakul (niece),  Carissa Drakul (niece),  Lucian Drakul (brother-in-law)

As the second daughter of the Doan house, Geneva was given far more liberty then her older sister Cyrena and yet and the same time, she was always reminded of her responsibilities that come with her title and not being able to act like any common people. She breathes with aristocracy and diplomacy in most occasions. She's seen enough to be tired of a lot of things while still curious about many other things she has yet to experience. Still, she likes to remind people of the age difference and she likes the sense that she's been through more then most people who barely live to their hundreds.

Like people in her specie, Geneva feeds on blood. Unlike her older sister, she doesn't have the any kind of rumors and mysteries around her but at the same time, like her sister she prefers the taste of the young rather then the old and usually girls. She doesn't kill them. She loves to leave them living when she's done with them and he enjoy the concept of cutting into their skin as much as biting them.

Basic History
Geneva Báthory was born as the second and youngest daughter to Lady Nicole Delancre Báthory and Lord Gerran Báthory of Somlyo, as a member of the house of Doan and as her sister, her childhood was filled with luxuries and all and any possibilities to which she desired or her parents saw fit for her. By the age of four, her tutoring in educate and posture began. By the age of ten, she was an adept user of three different languages and two different writing languages. She was educated to play several different instruments.

Her education continued for the most time of the following ten years after which her sister was already given a suitable position in the family company while Geneva was chosen a much older man to be her husband in five years to come. By the time this period was done, the man was found brutally murdered in the garden of their family home. According to what a few servants stated, the man wanted to take advantage of his wife-to-be and make clear that she was his. But they did not dare to speak of what had actually happened to him. The truth is, Geneva suck him dry out of anger for the fact that she was betrothed to someone she could not stand and someone who wanted to take more then he was given. This is probably one of the rare occasions in which Geneva had taken the blood of someone older then her, and even more a man.

After she had lost her fiancé, Geneva took it on herself to find herself a tutor to train her in swordsmanship and later in the use of various firing weapons. She chooses not to use most of them though she always travels with a sword and a gun.

For the most of her life, Geneva has lived on her birth planet, in her family house. She travels the galaxy from time to time, out of recreation and fun and sometimes even to get a taste on something different on her menu. She gets along with her sister to the point of common curtsy in public. When they were still very young, she often followed her around and wanted to be around her. But she learned soon enough she was never going to have a perfect sisterly relationship with Cyrena so she gave it up. Part of her still wonders whether they could have a normal relationship one day but she's given up of suggesting such a thing and simply plays around and usually can't stand her guts deep inside. It's merely a reflection of what she knew Cyrena feels for her and it she can't help herself anymore, especially since it's been going on for so long.

She's recently discovered that her parents are planning to marry her off again unless she finds a husband. The idea upsets her to the core but she hasn't actually been looking to find a replacement for their threat since it's simply isn't something that she does in her life.
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Lady Geneva Báthory
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