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Prepare For Trouble
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Prepare for Trouble is a Team Rocket themed RPG. Become an operative of Team Rocket and embark on various missions, build your own team of Pokémon, and work your way up through the ranks of Team Rocket.  


  • Battles are played out anime style.
  • There is no word minimum to play.
  • The most current PokéDex from the video games is used for attack and leveling information. (Currently: Pokémon Black 2/White 2)
  • After becoming a Team Rocket Grunt, there are opportunities to start different career paths (Rocket Scientist, Rocket Brigade, Advocate, Special Ops, and Executive).
  • Don’t want to be a human? Then be a Pokémon! Feel free to submit up to 3 different Human Operative and 3 PokéOperative applications for you to roleplay!
  • Enjoy a variety of unique promotions and events, such as the occasional Pokémon swarm!
  • Create your very own missions!
  • New locations and missions are always being added!

Team Rocket can achieve world domination with your help!

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