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Arin Ellis
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Race - Humanoid
Appearance - Caucasian
Hair Color - Brunette ( Dark )
Eye Color- Green
Height - 5' 10"
Weight - 144#
Homeworld - Nubia
Current Residence - Independence Station
Affiliation - Republic Remnant

Born and raised on Nubia, Arin grew up training for a single purpose: to be come a government operative and serve her homeworld and people.  From the age of 15 she acted as a spy, agent, and assassin - defending the Nubian people by learning of potential threats and neutralizing as many as possible.  Yet in the decade that followed it became clear that her actions were as one sweeping back a tide with a wicker broom. 

It was during this time that Arin learned of the Republic migration.  Perhaps it was folly in the end, but something in her flared to life.  If she acted on their behalf, all that she did would have meaning.  For the sake of the retreating population a hundred spies and informants were cut down before reporting to their Imperial masters.  In many ways it was inadequate, but if she had not acted as she did perhaps none of the refugees would have survived to reach the Outer Rim.

When at last the Republic was safe, Arin followed their path into the depths of the unknown.  A mix of intuition and blind luck lead her to Independence Station, where the Corellian freighter she was flying blended in easily with hundreds of others.  Yet even in a mass of faceless refugees Arin found that she couldn't hide.  There were too many stories among the population speaking of a shadowy angel - a lethal agent of mercy who swiftly struck down those who would bring harm to the Republic.  A legend was born, and it was only a matter of time before the storytellers found the person who cast the shadow.

In a flurry of gratitude a sector of Independence Station called on Arin to represent them to the Reminant Aristocracy, mixing the hope that those forming this new Republic were genuine in their intent with the strategy of representing themselves with a dangerous liason.  While unprepared for her new role, Arin understood the need for a representative the people admired and would be willing to trust.  Accepting this new responsibility, she discreetly sought out a circle of advisors ranging from fleeing bureaucrats to asteroid miners to develop a council of advisors who would help her to understand an issue as best as possible, so that she could pursue the best interests of those who put their trust in her.

Mother - Jonna Ellis
Father - Tagen Ellis

( Work In Process )

As a former Special Forces operative, Arin is highly trained in combat, espionage, and stealth techniques.  She is a sharpshooter with most pistol and rifle style weapons.  She is trained in the use of ship-mounted weaponry, and can operate stationary and moble artillery.  As a part of her military training, Arin is also an extremely talented acrobat.

In addition, Arin is a capable pilot, and navigator.  She has been schooled in simple ship repair, though she tends to depend on astromechs for that function.  She has been trained in survival skills, and can operate indefinitely in a variety of inhospitable climates.

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Arin Ellis
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