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Razelle Breuner - Thread Tracking
« on: 12/20/12 03:23:55 »
Age 22
  • Stop Running, Start Fighting - A young woman running for her life from the Sith finds shelter in probably the least likely place in the galaxy - in Sith arms.
  • Hamburgers for the Apocalypse - Not-takeover of Rattatak, where Raz first figured out just how violent this job was going to be.
  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat - Raz adds "construction contractor" to her list of duties.
  • Reach and Flexibility - First impressions are everything, and the first meeting between Domino and Razelle is quite...unique, as befits their relationship. Also, shameless and mildly kinky smut.
  • Guerrieri Al Nucleo - Raz meets the Amazon. Threats ensue.
  • Double Up - She's already hit on one of them. Why not make it a matching set? Raz's first meeting with Diomedes Anteres.
  • Closer - Raz meets another blond, oversexed, overconfident warrior on Endelaan. Hawtness ensues.
  • Night of Kodesh - It's Halloween on Endelaan, and Raz has some interesting interactions with a ghost.
  • Frost - A little cameo interlude on a cold Endelaan night.
  • Diamond Dogs [TSP Takeover of Durace] - As it turns out, Raz can't fly. But damn can she hunt. And snark.
  • Borrowed Without Permission [TSP Faction Purchase] - Raz works some magic to get Nessa some pretty new ships...and totally screw over the Black Dragon Knights.
  • Warrior Red - On Ando Prime, there's a tradition where a warrior will dye his hair red in the blood of a powerful monster that he kills alone. Raz, feeling a little homesick, decides to partake. Plus, spa date. This thread will make you grow a second (or third!) X-chromosome.
  • Undoing Ruin - The Black Dragon Knights try to take over Corellia while Raz is still on the planet. Then she blows up a starport.
  • Bow Before War, Call It Religion - Takeover of Kalee. Raz fields and tests her first wave of Talon recruits.
  • Umbra of Obscurum - Political meeting between Sith factions. Meetings with people who can kill you with their brains are never fun.

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