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Important Information (Check Often)
« on: 05/20/10 19:51:53 »
Once or twice a week will probably be sufficient.  I might have things to post up here once a week, twice a week, no times a week.  It'll just depend but it should be checked often just in case something important is mentioned here.  This will include requests of information, or possibly tips on threads to join.  It will include various bits of information that should be important over time.  This weeks major bit is more of a request for information than giving any.

I need to know what you guys want to do with the faction.  Some basic plans and ideas you have so that I can work them into my mind and build a gameplan of sorts.  This is more of a request for the big republic ideas and not your every personal thing.

Something of note: in the Civil Core (which will have its name changed soon I think) you will find a thread breaking down the members into fleet, special forces, and representatives.  Fleet and Representatives are self-explanatory, but some might be wondering why spec. forces listed and not really army or something else.  Given that nature of our being a Remnant, and an effort to "force" people to be more involved with one another in the general non-fleet sense it is better to have them loosely organized into special forces.  This is mostly in order to give them greater RP opportunities.  Pilots will also be special forces.