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Tempest - Active - Destota has had about enough of Cameron's shit.

Shifting Sands - Active - Destota and Kiskla find a Jedi Hopeful on Tatooine

A Table for Three - Active - Destota and Jarr bump into the Princess of Tapani

Cry Havok - Active - The Knights find themselves in a serious Jam.

White Wedding - Active - Destota and Kiskla tie the knot

Inferno - Active - The Knights invade Rendili

Just a beautiful day - Active - Destota, Rylan, and Sara expand their awareness of the Force

Midnight Fire - Active - Tragety


Threads to Aquire "Transfer Life":

1. Counterbalance - Complete - Destota bumps into a high-ranking Witch of Dathomir


Completed Threads

1. Cannon Up - Complete - Destota teaches Jarr how to fight like a Jedi.

2. Savior Of the Light - Complete - Destota teaches Ben the finer points of a Force Technique.

3. Initiation of a Paladin -Complete

4. First Steps - Complete

5. On silver Shores - Complete

6. Returning Home - Complete

7. Raid at Borgo Prime - Complete

8. Stronger Bonds Forged - Complete

9. Dusk in Her Embrace - Complete

10. A Call To Arms - Complete - Intelligence leads Destota to a remote world

11. Is This Finally Happening - Complete - A daring mission is undertaken to kidnap the Dark Lady of the Sith

12. Forging of a Shield - Complete - Jedi Master Valentine challenges a young Apprentice.

13. Beyond Blue Skies - Complete - Sara is brought back from the Darkside

14. Freedom of Choice - Complete - Destota helps a wayward trooper find a new home

15. Don't Let the Door Hit you in the ass on the way out - Complete - The Jedi Squadron and the Alliance fleet respond to a Force cry for help.

16. Through My Eyes - Complete - A relationship develops between former Master and Apprentice

17. Enjoy the Silence - Complete - Destota and Avadreia debrief Shery deWinter.

18. The Shooter - Complete - Destota and Jarr undertake a dangerous mission

19. Above the Weeping World - Complete - Sara's transition to the Light Side is finished.

20. Deep Blue - Complete - Destota seeks guidance from his friend and Mentor

21. I like the sound of this - Complete - New Apprentice Kiskla Grayson has a rite of passage to fulfill

22. Cover Of Darkness - Complete - Jedi StealthX's assault the Imperial Shipyard at Taris

23. Une fois de plus, pour moi. - Complete - Former Master and Apprentice make a new connection.

24. The Plague - Complete- A Deadly plague is unleashed by the Sith.

25. Jedi Business - Complete - Destota, Jarr, Sara and Kiskla find a new ally before stealing a Frigate from Thyferra

26. To Serve and Protect - Complete - Destota and Kiskla attempt something insane.

27. Prone to Drift - Complete - Destota and Jarr establish the BDK Military

28. You are unauthorized - Complete - Destota accepts a New Apprentice

29. The Nameless Base - Complete - The Knights are invited to a formal meeting on Ord Trasi

30. Pierce the Veil - Complete - A senator is abducted, and the Knights respond with deadly Force.

31. Counterbalance - Complete - Destota bumps into a high-ranking Witch of Dathomir

32. Jedi Unite - Complete - Destota joins Kiskla and the Jedi Council to discuss events on Coruscant

33. Friends of Old - Complete - Destota meets his old friend Rylan on Nar Shadda

34. Mark of a New Dawn - Complete - Destota and Arrbi Betna meet a new Mandalorian Jedi

35. Undoing Ruin - Complete - The Black Dragon Knights Invade Corellia.

36. Immortalize - Complete - Kiskla and Destota have a lovers quarrel

37. Shadow of Eternity - Complete - Elena and Destota begin her Jedi training, and fight to keep it professional.

38. Kings for a Day - Complete - Destota hires Ruus Castle and Arrbi Betna

39. Purification of Past Sins - Complete - Destota meets a young Darksider and Lana Orion on Yavin 4.

40. Enclave - Complete - Destota and Elena continue her Jedi Training, reliving some of their past in the process.


Inactive Threads

A Long Overdue Reunion - Inactive - Destota finds his long lost friend.

The Resolute Conference - Inactive - Leading Chandrila and the Alliance down a new path

Cascade Of Darkness - Inactive - Destota and his Jedi Allies call for Justice against Xaedrin for his actions on Amuund.

An Oath of Blood, Flesh, and Steel - Inactive - Destota and Jarr begin the training Sarinn Sarkin
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