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All the threads that have had their last reply until June 2012 have been moved to the uncompleted RP archive forum. If you believe any of the threads were moved by mistake or you would like to retrieve them in order to resume the RP, please reply to this thread or contact one of the owners/admins.
  • The Pointy End {Nessarose\Maryn} 
  • Corprate assassination (open) 
  • Cleaning the mess. [closed. Xan.] 
  • The Voices Nn My Head Taught Me How To Throw Knives ~OPEN 
  • The Exchange Program [Merlin] 
  • Have a Drink On Me [Curupira, Jedi, Open] 
  • Splinter of the Mind's Eye [Han] 
  • Caging the Beast [Ket] 
  • The Ruins of My Life [Neftiria, Invite] 
  • Oh, my Goddess: Part II (Takeover/WoD/Open) 
  • Frozen Hearts - Ayrill and Amarant 
  • Training by the water [OPEN.] 
  • The Other Side (Nessarose, Asteria) 
  • The best things in life are free {Nessa/Shiftie} 
  • I used to be a Jedi, but then I took an arrow to the knee [Ket] 
  • Business Suits & Combat Boots (Alliance, Schism)[ON HOLD] 
  • A blast from the past (TA or PM for invite) 
  • From Initiate to Padawan ( Rianna ) 
  • Sympathy for the Sith (Rach, Ana) 
  • Surviving the Crucible, Pt. I (Invite Only) 
  • The Queen and the Jedi (Han) 
  • Reignition of Passion (OPEN, Schism) 
  • Searching...
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