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Morgaine deWinter
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Morgaine deWinter

Half Human, half Shi'ido

Usually 18, although she makes appearances at a younger age in specific family-related threads.


125 lbs.

Being half a Shi'ido might have not given Morgaine any shape shifting abilities or the extended lifespan, but she can change her colors anywhere and into anything she pleases. When she's not hiding her real colors:
  • Skin - pale
  • Right eye - Golden
  • Left eye - Green
  • Hair - Chopped unevenly with her lightsaber so one side touches her shoulder and the other side ends up a few inches above that. Fiery red.
  • Clothes - Flat boots, faded jeans, a T shirt that's been cut so one bra strap shows
  • Bra size - B cup. Yes, that's small for a SW-verse.  

-Distinguishing marks-
Her eyes.


Parents - Xander Starkiller and the Shery deWinter
Uncles/Aunts - A shitload.
Siblings - Brumhilda deWinter (half sister), Jason Starkiller (half brother), Aurora Starkiller (half sister), Alistair Starkiller, Lauda Midori (half sister), Cordelia Isis deWinter, Nessarose deWinter

Tough cookie.

Will be written later.
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Morgaine deWinter
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Added to the bio list!