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Blades Edge
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A Long Long Time Ago... 
In a Galaxy Far Far Away...

Three decades after the Battle of Yavin, the Galaxy having just pulled from the depths of the darkest corners of the Universe due to the great war between The Keepers of the Peace and The Sith Order. The New Republic of course attempted to aid the Jedi and were fought with a barricade created by The Sovereign Galactic Empire

who were there in the event that the Jedi had sent for reinforcements.  TGSE was not going to allow the NR to take advantage of the situation. 

Five years later the galaxy is now rebuilding, growing and the factions are restructuring so that they may prepare for another war.  Though this is proving difficult for The Sovereign Galactic Empire as they struggle to find their way with a missing leader. Which gives the New Republic an upper hand over them. The Jedi re build to keep peace and protect the innocent of the Galaxy from all evils. The Sith are still out to wreak havok on everyone and everything they come accross. 

Blades Edge is a post-per-post roleplaying board, created on November 17, 2004, when we set out to make a Star Wars board unlike any other. Though it has moved hosts a few times since, we have finally come home to its original hosting site. Whether Force Users, may they be prominant in the Lightside or the Darkside of the Force.  If you wish to be a Non Force user instead, please visit us.  We accept all writers into our fold to make Blades Edge the ultimate SW roleplaying world.

The fate of the galaxy is up to you..