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Republic Remnant Locations
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The Republic Remnant having lost its position as the leading power in the galaxy and being but a fragment of what it was holds strong where it can and holds refuge where allowed.  For the most part the Republic operates in and out of the Unknown Regions where it is mostly safe to move about due to the lack of star maps for the region.  It allows them to move in and out of the region without being bothered much because only a fool would jump into the Unknown Regions without proper intelligence.

Zenoma Sekot:  Refugee Planet
-  While this living planet has taken in the Republic as refugees this is where the political power of the Republic lays.  This planet lays in the deepest parts of the unknown region and is seldom found by someone it does not want to find it.  

Independence Station:  Controlled Space Station
-  Built from the wreckage of crippled and destroyed ships during the migration, this space station is the center of the Remnant Network.  It sits in deep space not far from the system where the Chiss capital of Csilla is at but they are not bothered by the other government.  From here the military operates their attacks out of unknown space at the Sith Empire.  It operates as a staging area, a safe haven, a shipyard, and much much more when need be.  This is the true heart of the resistance.

Glee Anselm:  Governed Planet
-  Glee Anselm is one of the remaining spots in the known galaxy where the Republic still holds strong.  While close to the core and the Sith Empire, Glee Anselm is heavily protected by a combination of mine fields, gravity mines, defense stations, a handful of cruisers and fighters.  It has resisted numerous attacks and is but another point of attack for this government doing its best to just hold onto its own existence.