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Jericho Regulon Winters del Sha'Driel-WIP
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Full Name:
Age: 30 (physically )
Gender: Male
Birthworld: Kuat
Homeworlds: Kuat
Race: Half Echani, Half Kuati
Legal Status: Kuati nobleman
Relationship Status: Single , widowed
Living Situation: wherever
Occupation: Difficult to tell
Affiliation: Jedi
Rank: Padawan
Personal Skills: Jericho is trained in the Echani Martial arts along with being skilled with most ranged combat weapons. He can speak and understand Basic and served time , (if he could remember the particulars ((You'll all just have to read to find out the snippets of the past :p))) within the special forces of both the original New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. He is athletic and battle hardened along with being force sensitive by birth., strange cybernetic enhancements and nanotreme technologies were found present in his biosystems after he was unfrozen. 

Personality: Usuallly quiet and reserved in thought: he is capable of great bouts of anger as he struggles with his ... unique predicament. While from a past era initially his grasp of tactics and strategy are well in line with the great amount of resources as a Kuati nobleman. Unlike most though he is not haughty or looking down upon others. Instead he measures people on the basis of merit, proven before his eyes. His past is a mystery to him as well as others, sometimes bringing him into conflict with the greatest enemy of all: his own personal demons.

Physical Stats
Avatar: White hair guy, sometimes another actor I forget the name
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Unnaturally silver
Skin Color: light
General Appearance: pictures coming soon...

Possessions: Suit of Black Stormtrooper armor, heavily modified capable of withstanding a krak grenade to the chest, Multiple weaponry- Blasters- , and is a card carrying member of the Kuati Right to bear Arms foundation. Will soon find it necessary to return in order to reclaim his status amongst his house.

Depth of cybernetic(nanotreme) enhancement and type of modifications:

BIO : being modified for timeline use: basically the same as the original on another site yet he'll be taking a nap in carbonite to wake up here

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Jericho Regulon Winters del Sha'Driel-WIP
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added to bio list