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Completed ThreadsTi Aruetiise - Completed - Mandalorian bounty hunter finds a new employer on Bespin.Stalking Shadows - Complete - A chance meeting with a former Sith leads to new opportunities for Betna, Jennica, and the BDK
- Complete - Mando bounty hunter meets a Corellian treasure hunter while on a sketchy mission to recover an artifact for a shadowy employer.

Kings for a Day - Complete - Betna, Ruus, and Tashya are hired by the Chandrillan government to "acquire" the plans for the MC-90 Star Cruiser from the Mon Calamari shipyards.

Mark of a New Dawn - Complete - Betna meets the long lost niece he's never heard about on Chandrilla.

Active Threads
Balmorran BBQ - Active - Mandalorian bounty hunter is sent to investigate the site of a crash landed frigate on war torn Balmorra
Aliit Tug'yc - Active - Betna reunites his family members and tests their mettle as a clan.
On the Catwalk - Active - In a bid for information on a mark, Betna's mission goes awry when the suit and tie event's flamboyant host decides to crash his own party.
Not Very Jedi of You... - Active - Betna is hired by Alpha to assassinate a Sith sorceress.

Inactive Threads
Cascade of Darkness - Inactive - Confrontation between Sith and Jedi. Mando bounty hunter hired by Sith to disable the guns of the Jedi frigate.
Jate Koor - Inactive - Mando bounty hunter seeks an old comrade with a lucrative job offer.
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