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Star Wars Legacy [Link Back]
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Protected  by the noble Jedi Order for many years, the Galactic Federation has stood as a bastion of peace in the galaxy since it's conception many years ago. The two formed a partnership that was a bond to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, this bond has since been broken. The symbiotic relationship that was, is no more. The Jedi Order removed themselves from the equation in order to distance themselves from the Galactic Federation claiming to seek rest, meditation and guidance from the force. Thus began the first of many heated debates between the Federation's new Chief of State and the Jedi Order. The two to this day remain loosely connected and more hostile by the passing hour.

With  the Federation losing support of its most valued ally and the Jedi all but removing themselves from the political atmosphere the Sith Order has  since flourished in secrecy. They strike without warning and prey on the weak of the Galaxy all in the name of peace. Many see through this thinly veiled excuse for power but many people are beginning to take notice of the Sith Order and demand that the Jedi or Federation take action against an ever growing threat. Matters has since also become very complicated with the Sith Order, in recent years the power struggle  between leadership has all but made the transition into a stable faction unattainable. But a certain Darth Ja’ak has since taken the thrown and rumors of a more sinister plot to overthrow the Federation and Jedi is afoot.

The Mandalorian and Chiss have also had their  fair share of turmoil as of recently, for a lack of better synonyms. Both factions have primarily stayed out of the public light and kept to themselves but with such imminent leadership breakdowns in factions such  as the  Federation and Sith both the Mandalorian and Chiss are making their moves to take the place as the peacekeepers of the galaxy.They continue to push the boundaries of their sectors and annex other systems  into their cause. The Mandalorians are as ruthless as ever, if not more, taking and seizing systems near them and the Chiss are keen on gathering resources and stabilizing the Chiss economy, for what we not yet know.

With the Federation eager to retain what was left in the wake of past leadership the Criminal factions have all but maintained a very lucrative time in their history. Blockade running and smuggling are being ever so profitable in these heightened and dangerous  times. Payouts have all but tripled in value now that the tensions between the Jedi, the Federation and the Sith are at an all time high. The Menage-a-trois is a shining example of this. It's a good time to be a  ciminal.

The factions are at a stalemate and the entire galaxy could beckon to on one persons actions. It seems as though the glass of peace could shatter at the smallest pressure. Which side will you choose? Will you stand by the noble Jedi and seek inner strength through  the force, or will you find power in the willingness to gain peace with  the Sith? In times where the Galactic Federation is recovering from a rough election and threats of attack, could you be the one to bring it back from the brink? Or, simply put, will you work as a criminal and earn your right of passage in the galaxy or gain work as a Mandalorian or Chiss in times of prosperity?

The year is 65 ABY.

It's your choice, what will you pick?


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Star Wars Legacy [Link Back]
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