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Destota Valentine v2
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Remade and Holy Crap I borrowed it from Kiskla.

Name: Destota Artillion Valentine
Current Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Height: 6 Feet, 6 Inches
Weight: 210
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Sapphire
Skin Colour: Tanned
Build: Powerful, Athletic, Built

Current IC Rank :
Jedi Master

Master: Hart Kenobi (Deceased), Dark Lord Dagger (Lord Darkstar)

Affiliation Jedi Master
Home World: Chandrila
Birth World: Chandrila

 Personality: Destota is a soldier of Chandrila first, and a Jedi Master second. He loves his people and his home above most things, and is exceptionally well disciplined. He is cold hearted, and is not above killing or hurting someone to accomplish his goals. He is quiet and soft spoken, with a depth of pain that few can ascribe or understand.

Strengths (social, racial, combat, etc.):

-Physically capable: Massive physical strength, extremely acrobatic.
-Outgoing: Quiet and intimidating
-Ace Pilot: Fought in a dozen wars as both a ground soldier and a fighter pilot

-Eloquent: Well spoken and eloquent.
-Racial: Physical, mental strength, genetically enhanced.

Weaknesses (social, racial, combat, etc.):
Combat - Weak against heavy Force Use


Neutral Powers

  • Astral Translocation
  • Art of the Small
  • Shadow Walk
  • Force Concealment
  • Force Vision
  • Grant Knowledge
  • Master Telekinesis
  • Shatterpoint

Lightside Powers

  • Force Light
  • Force of Peace Aura II
  • Malacia
  • Force Stasis
  • Grant Knowledge
  • Force Vision

Jedi Apprentice

Jedi Knight

Jedi Master

Neutral Powers

    [li]Enhance Ability [/li][li]Telepathy[/li][li]Basic Telekinesis [/li]
      [li]Force Pull [/li][li]Force Push [/li][li]Force Throw [/li][li]Telekinetic Strike [/li][/list][li]Enhance Ability [/li]
        [li]Force Jump [/li][li]Force Speed [/li][/list][li]Force Persuasion[/li][li]Force Sense [/li]
          [li]Farsight [/li][li]Force Empathy[/li][/list][/list]

          Lightside Powers

            [li]Ionize[/li][li]Force Cry[/li][li]Control Pain

Neutral Powers

    [li]Psychometry / Telemetry [/li][li]Force sight [/li][li]Conceal Alignment[/li][li]Enhanced Telekinesis [/li][li]Mind Trick
    [/li][li]Battle Precognition[/li][li]Blood Trail[/li][li]Force Adhere[/li][li]Force Meld[/li][li]Force of Peace Aura I[/li][li]Force Deflect[/li][li]Enhanced Telekensis[/li][li]Enhanced Force Sense[/li][li]Conceal Alignment[/li][li]Mental Translocation

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Destota Valentine v2
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Added to the index  

P.S. Check the Force Powers list, your box with powers needs to be updated. 
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