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Asha Kafikov
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Asha Rafikov
Bounty Hunter - 23
Half Breed Human

Usually  she leaves her hair down even during jobs. she has learned through a lot of practice how not to get it stuck in her bow. She's never usually seen in anything but jeans and leather jacket. Has a scar down her cheek  and stomach due to events when she was 18 that she can't fully remember

Bubbly often mischievous yet sometimes sad. Feels alone after her family ran her out and left her to fend for herself or die. Because of this she does like being around people although never really letting them get close enough to hurt her .  Doesn't like to fight but will fight tooth and claw to defend herself or defend someone who is not capable of doing it themselves. She can be quite sarcastic if she doesn't like someone or if she thinks it will get  an amusing reaction.

Abandoned by her parents when she was a baby due to being a halfbreed, Asha was taken in by an older man named Isaak Ravikof who felt sorry for  her and mentored her.
She found out on her 17th birthday that he was infact a hunter of halfbreeds hired by a terrorist organisation and eventually saw past the stigma realising he was only killing off ones who hurt others. She became a good friend and apprentice as he taught her all the skills required to be a hunter like him. He taught her to hunt and kill not only animals but humans and other species too. She used to sit in on his inquiries too and thinks of  herself as a good inquisitor who can get information out of people.
When Asha was 18 the home she shared with her mentor was attacked and him killed. She escaped alive but not without scars and other mental injuries. For a couple of years she did not know who she was. Not having  her full memory back she can only briefly remember flickers from the night that left her alone and with a scar down he cheek and stomach. She  has wandered about taking jobs here and there while trying to find clues as to who ruined her life. She also adopted her mentors second name.
She doesn't know what kind of halfbreed she is as she has never had the money to get tested.

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Asha Kafikov
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