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Avatar:Wolf girl
Character Name:Eshebala
Alias: Wolf girl
Age: 15
Species: Shistavanen
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Uvena Prime

Faction Affiliation: The Sanguine Potestatem
Faction Rank: Trainee
Occupation: Assassin
*OOC Rank (Trainee/Apprentice, Adept/Knight, Elite/Master):
Force Alignment: NFU

Personality: Sly, Likes taffy, Curious, Enjoys stabbing things

History: Being raised on the planet Uvena Prime has taught "Bala" the ways of theivery and blades. Surviving by her knife and quick fingers, Bala made here living by herself after her mother died during childbirth. After a quick in and out heist on a wealthy looking fellow, she was soon tracked down by the target and his "goons," demanding the credits she had stolen. She refused and ran. They, of course, caught Bala and dragged her back screaming, but she knew no one would come to her aid. The man threw not a single blow before a figure raised her whip against him, constricting him by the throat. The figure uttered that that not a hand be laid upon the girl. The businessman fled, and Bala was then taken to Endelaan, where she is currently being utilized for her keen abilities with stealth and the art of the blade.
--{Proof-Read by the Masterful Anna}--

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Added to the bio index!

Recommendation: Eshebala, it would be it would better if you changed the title of your thread into your character's name so the thread can be more easily found by other members and yourself at a later time (as you probably have noticed others have done in this forum). 

Also, using tags helps a great deal in this matter but if you're not familiar with the system, you'll learn this later so no worries.