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Jake's Tracker
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Threads In Chronological Order:
Finding Reason (invite): Daniels turn from Darkness to Light did not go as people may have thought. Find out how the man known for his rampage against the Jedi found the Lightside of the force once again...

~ Demons of the Soul (complete): After learning that his former Military Unit has resorted to terrorist acts in his absence, Daniels has gone back to his home world to investigate just what is going on. What is waiting for him, however, is a nightmare even he may not be prepared to handle...

~ The Heart of Sala'Dur Burns (open) - After ignoring the initial distress signal from Sala'Dur, Daniels is forced to act when his spies report Rianna Organa is going to the planet. To ensure no harm comes to what is his, Daniels will follow suit...

~ Dantooine Bondage (invite) - In the aftermath of the Chemical C scare, Dantella is trying to return to normal and by extension so is Jake. Using the momentary lull in downtime, the man has been solidifying his bond to Rianna. Little does he now that the battle dor his soul is far from over...

~ Crusade of Darkness (open) - Daniels has recieved a message from a man he knows little to nothing about and for the moment planned on ignoring the call to Coruscant. That all changes, however, when his spies send him word that Rianna Organa is heading to Coruscant after having heard the same call...

~ Welcome to Hellmouth (Halloween Ball) - Daniels and Organa have gone to the ball for one very important reason. This is their coming out event in which the galaxy will find out a Jedi Master is dating a known emo. Most important about tonight; Rianna is in charge as she is the Master of political affairs. How will Daniels handle being the submissive in this dance?


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