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Shery deWinter
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General Information
Name: Lady Shery deWinter
Position: Dark Lady of the Sith
Rank: Sith Mistress
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Irrelevant

Physical Appearance
Height: 5"10
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Raven Black
Physique/Build/Frame: Perfect hour glass figure.
Skin Tone: Pale
Distinguishing Marks: The scars her back, made by Xan Qenadius.

Xander Starkiller
Children by her spouse-
Morgaine deWinter
Alistair Starkiller
Asteria deWinter
Cordelia deWinter
Nessarose deWinter
Children by others
A nameless child whom she killed when he was eight days old
Brumhilda deWinter, fathered by her own brother, Jonathan deWinter, when he raped her.
Illyadra deWinter, deceased.
Jacob deWinter, deceased.
Siblings -
Richard deWinter (unknown to her)
Jonathan deWinter

New Biography
Under Construction

Old Version of the Biography
Shery is born to a family of slaves on Tatooine, she has one brother (Jonathan)
Age 3: Jonathan is discovered to be force sensitive and is packed off to the Jedi.
Age 4: Shery murders her parents and owners at night. Shery is picked up by a Sith Master, who fails to realize she is force sensitive. They move to Coruscant.
Ages 4 through 13: Shery is trained as an Assassin and becomes highly educated in many different subjects (singing, dancing, acting, gymnastics, art, politics, mathematics, history, philosophy, physics, biology, etiquette, astronomy, geography, languages, etc.)
Age 14: Shery's master is murdered. Left alone, she becomes a prostitute on Coruscant.
Age 15: Shery is now the top escort girl on Coruscant. One of Shery's clients realized she is force sensitive. Shery packs her bags and leaves the escort girl life.
Age 16: Shery makes it to Master rank with the Sith within less than a year. Shery returns to Tatooine frequently, massacring entire villages. To ensure continuing funds, Shery opens a small brothel on Coruscant which she titled the Red Lady and runs it, albeit never accepting another customer for herself again. Shery meets Malice Draclau.Shery meets Xander Starkiller. Shery purchases the title of Lady. Lady Shery deWinter gives birth to her first son, slaughters and consumes his flesh on the Sith Altar when he reaches the tender age of eight days.
Age 17: Shery is kidnapped by her brother at the beginning of the year and is held prisoner in a parallel dimension, where her brother, blaming her for his mental state of mind, continiously rapes her. Once they realize she is pregnant he refuses to set her free. Shery managed to run away when her body goes into labor, and gives birth to Brumhilda deWinter. She tampers with the baby using the force and magic, and then abandons her into the care of an alcoholic nanny, unable to bare looking at the child.
Aged 18 through 24: Shery's brothel resumes to expand and slowly becomes the galaxy's biggest brothel franchise. Her income is estimated in several millions a day, effectively ranking her as one of the riches women in the galaxy. Shery slowly becomes a "shadow politician", working in the background by means of blackmail and slowly gained political power despite the fact she holds no official political rank. She slowly begins to pull strings to make life much more comfortable, and often uses said strings to help her allies as well. Shery realized her emotions for Xander Starkiller and does anything and everything within her power to get over it without speaking, including taking a four year leave of absence from the galaxy's eyes.
Age 24: Shery returns from her four year leave of absence. Shery is kidnapped and tortured by Xan Quenadius for months, during which she reveals the secret of Brumhilda's coming to be. She is later rescued by Xander Starkiller.
Age 25: Shery gives birth to Morgaine deWinter, fathered by Xander Starkiller. Shery confesses her true emotions to Xander Starkiller and they begin an exclusive relationship. After Xander's body swap, she becomes pregnant by him again.
Age 26: Shery gives birth to Alistair Starkiller, fathered by Xander Starkiller.
Age 31: Shery gives birth to Cordelia Isis deWinter, fathered by Xander Starkiller.
Age 42: Shery gives birth to Nessarose deWinter, fathered by Xander Starkiller
Age 46: Shery and Xander get married.

To be Continued

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Offline Shery deWinter

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Shery deWinter
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