Author Topic: Ritual Misery - Aeval/Amarant [Complete]  (Read 1835 times)

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Ritual Misery - Aeval/Amarant [Complete]
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Amarant nodded his head and he took one last look at his blade, admiring the weapon he had created, it was a true Sith Sword now. He could feel the power pulsating through it, and while it was no lightsaber, it was still a weapon to be reckoned with. He sheathed his sword and he nodded at Aeval before shoving his way past her. Things had changed since he had first come to Endelaan, he was no longer a smuggler who took odd jobs for cash, those days seemed so distant now. There was no turning back, this was his path now, and part of him hated him for it. The other part, the louder part, was completely satisfied, though.