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[9/20/12 6:40 PM PST] Weekly Faction Meeting
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[9/20/12 6:40 PM PST] Weekly Faction Meeting
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[6:44:37 PM] Bren: Should be any moment. Should we help her along and get started on the meet and greet? She advised us to get going in her absence.
[6:44:50 PM] Sevrek: sounds good
[6:44:57 PM] Haley: figured if you could do it, I can too.
despite the bill and battery drainage
[6:45:12 PM] Bren: I'm that Bren Drayson douchebag. I'm playing an Intelligence agent in a reorganized Intel group within the TA.
k, next
[6:45:28 PM] Nessarose deWinter: <-- Brumhilda
[6:45:52 PM] Sevrek: Sevrek Tallarn
[6:46:17 PM] Sevrek: *smashes Spires with a bat.*
[6:46:20 PM] Smith [Serinn]: [6:24:39 PM] Ava Lacroix: Hey y'all
[6:24:47 PM] Smith: wb
[6:25:25 PM] Ava Lacroix: Thanks.
[6:25:33 PM] Spires: Wb
[6:46:30 PM] Ava Lacroix: Hello.
[6:46:35 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Smith [Serinn] eyes Sevrek.
[6:46:36 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm Avadreia Lacroix. You all work for me.
[6:46:43 PM] Haley: There's the lady of the hourr
[6:46:45 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Do you enjoy beating people with blind critters?
[6:46:46 PM] Bren: Bawss!
[6:46:56 PM] Ava Lacroix: Does everyone have access to the agenda?
[6:47:05 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Si, senor.
[6:47:07 PM] Spires: I'm Destota Valentine, aka Gaven Antilles. I'm a Jedi Master and a Fleet Comnander
[6:47:15 PM] Sevrek: agenda?
[6:47:17 PM] Ava Lacroix:
[6:47:20 PM] Ava Lacroix: You can find it there.
[6:47:27 PM] Sevrek: oh duh
[6:47:49 PM] Ava Lacroix: Excellent!
[6:48:14 PM] Spires: Severk
[6:48:21 PM] Sevrek: yes
[6:48:25 PM] Spires: Milk challenge. Right now
[6:48:32 PM] Sevrek: hahaha
[6:48:32 PM] Ava Lacroix: By the way, I am trying to be on skype more, even possibly leaving it on during the day while I'm at work so if anyone has questions or whatever, please do say something. Or PM me; I can sometimes get replies out in PMs during the day.
[6:48:46 PM] Haley: So responsible
[6:48:53 PM] Nessarose deWinter: she is
[6:48:56 PM] Nessarose deWinter: TA is in good hands
[6:49:03 PM] Ava Lacroix: God, I hope so.
[6:49:05 PM] Sevrek: when I skype at work nobody calls it responsible.
[6:49:17 PM] Nessarose deWinter: you have the wrong job, then
[6:49:17 PM] Nessarose deWinter:
[6:49:19 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm rather feeling like a bit of a colossal fuck-up, but I'm trying.
[6:49:28 PM] Ava Lacroix: Anyway. Is there anyone who hasn't introduced themselves that would like to?
[6:49:39 PM] Nessarose deWinter: who is erasmus?!
[6:49:43 PM] Nessarose deWinter: he has not spoken a word!
[6:49:46 PM] Ava Lacroix: He is a potential member.
[6:49:49 PM] Spires: I told you. I'm Kenny Rodgers.
[6:49:51 PM] Bren: One simply doesn't walk into running a faction, something something, Mordor.
[6:49:51 PM] Ava Lacroix: He's not online right now.
[6:49:53 PM] Bren: You're doing a good job.
[6:49:57 PM] Nessarose deWinter: lol
[6:50:01 PM] Nessarose deWinter: morrrrdorrrrrrrrr
[6:50:27 PM] Spires: Brb sharp turns
[6:50:36 PM] Ava Lacroix: Okay! So next we're going to discuss faction threads.
[6:50:57 PM] Sevrek: jesus, spires.
[6:51:17 PM] Ava Lacroix: Ossus is happening, bit by bit, but it's not something we're really spending a lot of energy on due to the fact that it's basically already happened. We still have a faction presence there--namely myself and Gaven and whoever else has posted since I last look
[6:51:21 PM] Sevrek: if you get this're alive.
[6:51:30 PM] Spires: Ok back
[6:51:47 PM] Smith [Serinn]: wb
[6:52:14 PM] Spires: Thx
[6:52:15 PM] Sevrek: so is it slated to get fucked up by whatever germs the sith brought?
[6:52:34 PM] Bren: I believe the only faction threads I'm currently involved in are the  plague one, and Gaven's cover of darkness one.
[6:52:41 PM] Sevrek: or is that up in the air.
[6:52:53 PM] Ava Lacroix: It is definitely fucked five ways from Friday
[6:52:58 PM] Sevrek: ok
[6:53:18 PM] Spires: We're here to resolve that Tom fuckery
[6:53:20 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Alliance... allies... sooo.. very tense thread
[6:53:29 PM] Ava Lacroix: But in future we can talk about perhaps some sort of Alliance effort to rehabilitate it or resettle the survivors, and Gaven thinks we can find out who it is and track 'em down, is that right, Gaven?
[6:54:07 PM] Sevrek: follow the trail of saffron scented fur capes?
[6:54:14 PM] Sevrek: boom
[6:54:15 PM] Bren: I have an idea to tie in to the activity drive and faction threads, if you'd like to hear it now, since it kind of ties into faction threads (just not current ones). or do you want to wait for the end?
[6:54:16 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: ignore my last, exceptionally useful,bit of input
[6:54:19 PM] Spires: Jawhol
[6:55:05 PM] Ava Lacroix: Well--let's put that on the back burner for now, Bren.
[6:55:12 PM] Bren: Gotcha
[6:55:15 PM] Ava Lacroix: We'll come back to it at the end of Section 2: ongoing faction threads.
[6:55:20 PM] Ava Lacroix: Any questions about Ossus? Concerns?
[6:55:35 PM] Sevrek: what do we need there?
[6:55:45 PM] Spires: Interest
[6:55:47 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Activity... ha. Flemming.
[6:55:56 PM] Sevrek: what kind of forces I mean
[6:56:07 PM] Nessarose deWinter: ?
[6:56:12 PM] Sevrek: evac?
[6:56:16 PM] Ava Lacroix: What the world of Ossus needs.... is love. Sweet love.
[6:56:26 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Big ones. But since time is such an issue, it'll be need for relief and supplies
[6:56:26 PM] Ava Lacroix: It's the only thing (aside from turbolasers) that there's just... too little of.
[6:56:28 PM] Bren: lol
[6:56:34 PM] Bren: +1 for reference
[6:56:54 PM] Ava Lacroix: Well
[6:57:07 PM] Ava Lacroix: I imagine we'll really need all this activity for TA's Ossus thread where we work on recovery.
[6:57:10 PM] Spires: What we need is to track down William
[6:57:14 PM] Smith [Serinn]: I have a character that could probably help with any operation aimed at Ossus... depending on when it happens, heh.
[6:57:24 PM] Spires: And give him a nice BUFU.
[6:57:25 PM] Nessarose deWinter: you do realize that if you pm william on aim/skype he answers, right?
[6:57:27 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Can elaborate later, though...
[6:57:45 PM] Spires: I mean IC, dearest Nessa.
[6:58:12 PM] Nessarose deWinter: oh
[6:58:13 PM] Nessarose deWinter: okies
[6:58:45 PM] Ava Lacroix: If you do want to contribute to the current Ossus thread, please check with Gaven; he's leading that one. I'm just there to look pretty and command fleets.
[6:58:59 PM] Spires: Pretty?
[6:59:08 PM] Ava Lacroix: Ava Lacroix sighs
[6:59:10 PM] Ava Lacroix: Fine. Average.
[6:59:24 PM] Spires: She's goddamn sexy in charge of 900 tons of whoop ass
[6:59:29 PM] Ava Lacroix: Okay. Next is the Plague. That's one I'm very interested--
[6:59:31 PM] Ava Lacroix: Oh, well thanks.
[6:59:33 PM] Ava Lacroix: Ava Lacroix primps.
[6:59:37 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Lol.
[6:59:48 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: you can be sexy at 33?
[6:59:48 PM] Spires: Spires gropes ava
[6:59:51 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm interested in getting the faction involved in the Plague.
[6:59:59 PM] Ava Lacroix: Bren, please cut off his hands.
[7:00:01 PM] Ava Lacroix: Thank you.
[7:00:01 PM] Sevrek: this is a different thread?
[7:00:07 PM] Bren: Bren makes it so
[7:00:07 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Yes
[7:00:12 PM] Spires: Yes. We do need to be involved as a whole
[7:00:26 PM] Ava Lacroix: This is a thread that all the different branches can get involved in. I plan to open up lines of communication with the Empire and the Army and Navy can be doing, you know, whatever it is you do.
[7:00:32 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: That's two relief threads for TA
[7:00:51 PM] Bren: I have Bren semi-introduced into the Plague thread. That's one I plan on being super active on. I can assist in any capacity you guys need.
[7:01:18 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Brb all.
[7:01:19 PM] Ava Lacroix: Good. I plan to move Avadreia to the ground so I'll need an intel attache (Bren, if you will?) and a bodyguard (Sevrek, wouldja please?)
[7:01:26 PM] Spires: I'll open communication with the Empire. I'll blow some holes in their ships and drop in cell phones
[7:01:32 PM] Sevrek: sho thang
[7:01:41 PM] Bren: Can do
[7:01:46 PM] Nessarose deWinter: we're all moving into the planet in that thread?
[7:01:53 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Someone add Justin in here
[7:01:58 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: I can't from my phone
[7:01:58 PM] *** Nessarose deWinter added Justin ***
[7:02:01 PM] Nessarose deWinter: ~le done
[7:02:06 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Thanks Nesy
[7:02:13 PM] Ava Lacroix: Who's that? o.O
[7:02:16 PM] Spires: Ava, we need to discuss faction purchase tonight too
[7:02:17 PM] Nessarose deWinter: <3
[7:02:19 PM] Nessarose deWinter: that's zach
[7:02:21 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: I only have the option to "Leave"
[7:02:21 PM] Nessarose deWinter: who hasn't checked in
[7:02:28 PM] Nessarose deWinter: which is why i didnt know to bring him beforehand
[7:02:30 PM] Ava Lacroix: Oh okay. Well welcome anyway.
[7:02:36 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Zack. Introduce upheld before you wreck Yoself
[7:02:40 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: WOW PHONE
[7:02:54 PM] Sevrek: when is plague kicking off?
[7:03:01 PM] Ava Lacroix: It's already there. Let me pull it up for you.
[7:03:03 PM] Justin: wait what?
[7:03:04 PM] Nessarose deWinter: it already started
[7:03:06 PM] Sevrek: ok
[7:03:07 PM] Nessarose deWinter: it kinda went boom, hehe
[7:03:07 PM] Justin: Im Zackary zelus
[7:03:17 PM] Sevrek: I have some reading assignments tonight.
[7:03:17 PM] Nessarose deWinter: sev:
[7:03:20 PM] Ava Lacroix:
[7:03:24 PM] Nessarose deWinter: ha
[7:03:26 PM] Nessarose deWinter:
[7:03:31 PM] Ava Lacroix:
[7:03:47 PM] Nessarose deWinter: Nessarose deWinter touche ava's tra la la
[7:03:49 PM] Sevrek: oh balls
[7:04:04 PM] Sevrek: you guys are wordy here.
[7:04:24 PM] Nessarose deWinter: opening posts usually are
[7:04:29 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Better get used to it, lol.
[7:04:32 PM] Nessarose deWinter: it gets shorter when people post more and more in the thread
[7:04:45 PM] Sevrek: no I rather prefer it.
[7:04:49 PM] Ava Lacroix: I mean, I'm not sure what I can do as a person or what our faction can do in the Plague thread but we can put ourselves at the disposal of the planetary government.
[7:05:28 PM] Bren: Hmm.
[7:05:47 PM] Nessarose deWinter: we should talk to xaedrin
[7:05:50 PM] Nessarose deWinter: he's Dming the thread
[7:05:58 PM] Nessarose deWinter: he's also uber happy with all the people joining in
[7:06:04 PM] Spires: The Jedi who call themselves guardians need to go after the Sith responsible
[7:06:06 PM] Justin: someone care to catch me in a pm real quick?
[7:06:56 PM] Spires: We lost Haley fyi
[7:07:03 PM] Sevrek: I'll see what I can drum up about the local militias
[7:07:26 PM] Nessarose deWinter: just remember guys
[7:07:29 PM] Nessarose deWinter: the plague is deadly
[7:07:30 PM] Nessarose deWinter:
[7:07:37 PM] Spires: No duh
[7:07:40 PM] Sevrek: about that
[7:07:50 PM] Bren: Well, I figured we weren't a space-faring flu relief force
[7:07:57 PM] Spires: But Sith have to be sought for this
[7:08:05 PM] Nessarose deWinter: but which sith??
[7:08:13 PM] Nessarose deWinter: there's a bunch in space, some getting ready to come down, some on the planet...
[7:08:24 PM] Spires: ALL OF THEM.
[7:08:32 PM] Sevrek: how is it transferred between hosts?
[7:08:37 PM] Spires: Jedi fight Sith, not the flu.
[7:08:48 PM] Sevrek: yeah that's what tylenol is for
[7:08:51 PM] Sevrek: highfive
[7:09:12 PM] Spires: ^5
[7:09:15 PM] Nessarose deWinter: so we're all walzing onto the planet and ~magically not getting the plague?
[7:09:19 PM] Ava Lacroix: The Jedi are going to be doing their thing but other people can be doing relief work or whatever. This is a chance, both ICly and OOCly, for the Alliance to show its stuff.
[7:09:25 PM] Sevrek: hazmat suits, kids
[7:09:32 PM] Ava Lacroix: No, Brum, nobody has yet said they'd be godmoding
[7:09:35 PM] Spires: It's call biohazard gear
[7:09:39 PM] Sevrek: think cdc
[7:09:51 PM] Ava Lacroix: We will be actually ROLEPLAYING finding out all this information
[7:09:55 PM] Ava Lacroix: and puzzling through it in-character.
[7:09:57 PM] Spires: Or a meth lab
[7:10:02 PM] Sevrek: ok
[7:10:05 PM] Ava Lacroix: Which is, I think, the whole point if I'm not mistaken.
[7:10:06 PM] Bren: Speak for yourselves. Bren is immune. And it actually grants him superhuman powers.
[7:10:08 PM] Sevrek: I like it
[7:10:23 PM] Ava Lacroix: This is a chance for us to demonstrate what we're about in character and out.
[7:10:24 PM] Sevrek: I'm about this
[7:10:36 PM] Bren: Space Hulk.
[7:10:43 PM] Nessarose deWinter: okies
[7:10:59 PM] Ava Lacroix: I've talked to Immortus and he has agreed to have a meeting with Ava ICly, which may give us an in.
[7:11:27 PM] Spires: POISON HIM
[7:11:54 PM] Nessarose deWinter: popcorn.gif
[7:12:06 PM] Spires: Do any Jedi here beyond K and myself know Art of the Small?
[7:12:30 PM] Ava Lacroix: Which--on the topic of dealings with the Imperials--I am good friends with Immo and we both agree that we'd like to work together on an OOC level to tell a great story. In that vein, please, if you have a thread idea for Imperial participation, please pass it through me first so we can talk it out. COMMUNICATION CAN ONLY HELP US HERE, okay? So please, no one run off into the wilderness without at least giving me a chance to give Immo a heads up.
[7:12:51 PM] Bren: Sounds like a solid plan
[7:13:05 PM] Sevrek: I can play ball
[7:13:13 PM] Nessarose deWinter: Nessarose deWinter runs off
[7:13:18 PM] Ava Lacroix: There is no need to have a "sneak attack" or anything that is actually an OOC sneak.
[7:13:34 PM] Ava Lacroix: And communication can stop people feeling snippy about things. So--please. Thanks.
[7:13:36 PM] Spires: It's not
[7:13:44 PM] Spires: Immo knew I was coming
[7:13:51 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm not talking about anything specific
[7:13:59 PM] Nessarose deWinter: and TGE and TA are not the only factions on the board
[7:14:00 PM] Spires: Oh ok
[7:14:06 PM] Sevrek: throughout the conflict I think she means
[7:14:51 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm aware. But I believe and Immo agrees that the central part of any Star Wars conflict must be the iconic Jedi/Sith Rebel/Empire one, so that's the one I'm prioritizing for now. Of course we will be dealing with the other factions as well.
[7:15:03 PM] Bren: It's more a common sense kind of thing. Don't shit where you RP, etc. If we're a bunch of cowboy aholes, nobody is going to want to chill with us
[7:15:09 PM] Ava Lacroix: But yes, please do communicate with whoever you'll be writing with. It's better!
[7:15:14 PM] Spires: Exactly
[7:15:22 PM] Spires: And fun!
[7:15:27 PM] Ava Lacroix: But back to The Plague--everyone is agreed that we'll try and find a niche for TA and imts members to participate?
[7:15:34 PM] Justin: watch the cowboy talk
[7:15:35 PM] Bren: Absolutely
[7:15:37 PM] Justin: XD
[7:15:42 PM] Bren: Lol
[7:15:43 PM] Spires: Yes ava
[7:15:51 PM] Ava Lacroix: He's from the Northwest, Justin, you gotta cut him some slack.
[7:15:57 PM] Justin: ill brand his ass
[7:15:58 PM] Ava Lacroix: Wonderful. I love you all. <3
[7:16:02 PM] Bren: Haha
[7:16:11 PM] Justin: with love bren with love
[7:16:16 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'll be issuing orders, you know, ICly as soon as we figure things out ICly
[7:16:30 PM] Ava Lacroix: So watch that thread and I'll post a coordination thread in the TA forum as well.
[7:16:56 PM] Ava Lacroix: Next is the Resolute Conference
[7:16:58 PM] Spires: Ava, may I?
[7:17:01 PM] Ava Lacroix: I hate to be a pain ab--
[7:17:01 PM] Ava Lacroix: wat
[7:17:03 PM] Ava Lacroix: Sure.
[7:17:47 PM] Sevrek: the anticipation...
[7:18:15 PM] Nessarose deWinter: gangnam style
[7:18:15 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: he crashed
[7:18:42 PM] Spires: Everyone here needs to know this: AVA is the boss. I lead the Jedi, but she is my boss. I'll help with any questions, but she's in charge. No more going around the boss lady
[7:18:44 PM] Ava Lacroix: OPPA GANGNAM STYLE
[7:18:47 PM] Sevrek: comic timing
[7:18:50 PM] Sevrek: that crash
[7:19:08 PM] Ava Lacroix: ...who's going around the boss?
[7:19:10 PM] Ava Lacroix: I WILL CUT YOU.
[7:19:15 PM] Nessarose deWinter: who wields the whip
[7:19:15 PM] Bren: I agree. Ava is the chief representative to go to for stuff TA related.
[7:19:16 PM] Ava Lacroix: A slice of cake.
[7:19:23 PM] Ava Lacroix: Just... with some nice frosting.
[7:19:25 PM] Spires: See? Bitch is crazy
[7:19:27 PM] Ava Lacroix: Perhaps some coffee.
[7:19:33 PM] Ava Lacroix: Okay
[7:19:39 PM] Nessarose deWinter: so ava leads TA on an OOC level, gaven is the pretty face on posters spread around for TA propaganda IC
[7:19:47 PM] Ava Lacroix: I am the boss so now it's time to talk about the thread that makes me the boss ICly as well
[7:19:53 PM] Spires: Sexy face
[7:19:53 PM] Ava Lacroix: The RESOLUTE CONFERENCE
[7:19:56 PM] Spires: Yes
[7:19:57 PM] Ava Lacroix: If you are there, please be there.
[7:20:16 PM] Bren: I haven't slipped into that thread yet. I've been trying to figure out a reason for Bren's existence on that one.
[7:20:33 PM] Bren: Again, anything you guys who are involved in it may need.
[7:20:45 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm sitll getting a firm grasp on how all this allied-planet/actual planet/pretend planet stuff works
[7:20:49 PM] Ava Lacroix: but I just want all the planets
[7:20:52 PM] Ava Lacroix: OK? Make it so.
[7:20:55 PM] Spires: TA can "takeover" any planet that is presently unclaimed. This needs to happen
[7:21:08 PM] Ava Lacroix: We're going for Chandrila, for sure.
[7:21:13 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Hm.  Not sure how (if at all) to stick any of my Alliance-types into Resolute... heh.
[7:21:36 PM] Smith [Serinn]: And yes, Chandrila.
[7:21:41 PM] Ava Lacroix: We had a thread about the political/government structure of the faction that people can still participate in
[7:21:47 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: There's Kiffu/Kiffex too
[7:21:53 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: I have to officiall close that stupid thread.
[7:22:03 PM] Ava Lacroix: But in the absence of participation there we've moved on to actually doing it.
[7:22:37 PM] Spires: And Alderaan
[7:22:45 PM] Ava Lacroix: Long story short, we're starting with a provisional council that people who lead the planets (by signing nup in the TA subforum) can either PC or NPC representing will be part of, who will elect me your Glorious and Eternal Leader (TM).
[7:23:11 PM] Ava Lacroix: The flowchart in that thread explains everything. Which BRUM WILL NOW GO FIND AND POSTBECUASE SHe'S BETTER THAN I AM AT THIS.
[7:23:38 PM] Sevrek: I think I know how this movie goes.
[7:23:43 PM] Ava Lacroix: ?
[7:23:46 PM] Nessarose deWinter:
[7:23:49 PM] Nessarose deWinter:
[7:23:52 PM] Ava Lacroix: I love you.
[7:23:55 PM] Nessarose deWinter: (heart)
[7:24:04 PM] Ava Lacroix: Okay.
[7:24:04 PM] Bren: Also to piggyback on the provisional council stuff. People who elect to be members of that, can also have the opportunity to RP as part of the Intelligence oversight committee, where they can have cool stuff happen.
[7:24:10 PM] Spires: Ok, it's getting dark and too dangerous for me to text and drive. Add me if you haven't, pm if you need me.
[7:24:18 PM] Ava Lacroix: OK Thanks Gaven.
[7:24:23 PM] Nessarose deWinter: BITCH
[7:24:23 PM] Sevrek: fucking psycho
[7:24:26 PM] Nessarose deWinter: I TOLD YOU NOT TO DRIVE AND SKYPE
[7:24:36 PM] Spires: Seeya guys
[7:24:45 PM] Smith [Serinn]: ttyl.
[7:24:45 PM] Bren: Later bro
[7:24:45 PM] Ava Lacroix: Taris. Gaven is running it and Bren is helping. Any questions, please see them. We're starting a cold war with the Empire and a buildup of tension.
[7:25:12 PM] Ava Lacroix: Immortus has expressed interest in having a series of back-and-forths--TA has stealth fighters, TGE develops a method of finding stealth fighters, etc. etc.
[7:25:54 PM] Bren: I plan to do a lot of covert Intel kind of skirmishes into Imperial territory, too. So if you're into some of that flashpoint/cold war kind of shennanigans, let me know, and I'll keep you appraised, too.
[7:26:22 PM] Ava Lacroix: If you have ideas for a covert whatever, talk to Bren, and Bren will talk to me and I'll talk to Immortus. This is another one of those communications things.
[7:26:25 PM] Bren: (you not denoting anybody in particular )
[7:26:35 PM] Nessarose deWinter: umm
[7:26:35 PM] Nessarose deWinter: if i may
[7:26:38 PM] Bren: Sounds good
[7:26:40 PM] Ava Lacroix: You may.
[7:26:42 PM] Sevrek: Bren is the sneaky boss, got it.
[7:26:48 PM] Nessarose deWinter: instead of playing the broken telehone game, why not just agree to discuss it on the forum?
[7:26:49 PM] Bren: For sure
[7:27:02 PM] Sevrek: there are propper channels, woman!
[7:27:04 PM] Nessarose deWinter: or have a regular room up on skype
[7:27:18 PM] Sevrek: I didn't mean to yell.
[7:27:21 PM] Nessarose deWinter: ;(
[7:27:27 PM] Nessarose deWinter: </3
[7:27:33 PM] Sevrek: I'm sorry.
[7:27:43 PM] Nessarose deWinter: you have to kiss the booboo you made and make it all better again ;(
[7:28:00 PM] Ava Lacroix: We can do that but I find that private communication between myself and Immortus prevents tempers from flaring, which prevents OOC fuckery of which we've seen some.
[7:28:00 PM] Sevrek: kiss...your heart?
[7:28:28 PM | Edited 7:28:45 PM] Nessarose deWinter: it comes in a zip lock bag
[7:28:51 PM] Sevrek: (puke)
[7:29:00 PM] Ava Lacroix: And as long as what Joe Schmo TA member says to me or Bren on the forum is accessible and replyable by everyone else, I don't foresee any way to prevent arguments, snide remarks, and the general douchebaggery that is common in forum roleplaying.
[7:29:13 PM] Sevrek: troof
[7:29:25 PM] Nessarose deWinter: douchebaggery happens whenever people get together, sooner or later
[7:29:28 PM] Bren: It's also less clutter and just, general douchebaggery
[7:29:43 PM] Bren: There's a time and a place for open, and closed, discussion.
[7:29:59 PM] Bren: Promotes a chain of command, too.
[7:29:59 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'd rather, if it's going to be a sensitive issue, have the leadership work it out. But please, if you do have ideas, post it in the forum.
[7:30:08 PM] Nessarose deWinter: mmk
[7:30:11 PM] Ava Lacroix: I just will not tolerate douchebaggery in TA's forum.
[7:30:18 PM] Ava Lacroix: I will hide that shit so fast it will make heads spin.
[7:30:25 PM] Bren: Rofl
[7:30:32 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm just not having it anymore.
[7:30:44 PM] Ava Lacroix: People wonder why activity was slow... well duh.
[7:30:45 PM] Ava Lacroix: Anyway.
[7:30:50 PM] Ava Lacroix: Bren, you wanted to say something before
[7:30:55 PM] Nessarose deWinter: i just hate all the secrecy. then everything blows up at X time later and it becomes a whole he said she said fight and teams
[7:30:57 PM] Ava Lacroix: about faction threads going forward
[7:31:01 PM] Nessarose deWinter: hence the earlier suggestion
[7:31:04 PM] Sevrek: I suppose I could find an honest job.
[7:31:04 PM] Nessarose deWinter: but like i said
[7:31:05 PM] Nessarose deWinter: mmk
[7:31:06 PM] Bren: In regards to faction threads and activity drives, ys
[7:31:08 PM] Bren: yes
[7:31:48 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Hm.  I'll wait to run that past some of you, heh... >.>
[7:32:19 PM] Bren: I think it's a great idea to have a standardized kind of on-going activity drive. Monthly seems like it would be the easiest for right now. But because it would become somewhat problematic if one person was getting gift certificates, etc, all the time
[7:32:25 PM] Bren: I was thinking of an alternative
[7:33:19 PM] Bren: Which could be that the person who scores the highest activity for the month will have their character star in the next upcoming official faction-wide RP event. Like, it could be something involved with their personal backstory, etc, which becomes the basis for all of our combined efforts.
[7:33:32 PM] Bren: Kind of like rewarding activity by imbedding the characters deeper into the lore of the TA.
[7:33:55 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm open to that idea. Brum?
[7:34:12 PM] Nessarose deWinter: up to you, you're the head of TA
[7:34:27 PM] Nessarose deWinter: and it was already agreed that the gift wouldn't be a regular thing / something people would expect to receive monthly
[7:34:32 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: That sounds nice.
[7:34:41 PM] Ava Lacroix: I know. I wrote that in the thread itself.
[7:34:49 PM] Bren: Yeah. I thought something like this could kind of ween us off of actual monetary gifts, etc.
[7:34:50 PM] Ava Lacroix: The question I was posing to you is--is THIS type of reward acceptable?
[7:34:57 PM] Nessarose deWinter: aye
[7:35:13 PM] Nessarose deWinter: you can't change the past of TA. you can change its future, grasshopper
[7:35:18 PM] Ava Lacroix: lol
[7:35:19 PM] Ava Lacroix: Okay.
[7:35:29 PM] Nessarose deWinter: wax on wax off
[7:35:30 PM] Nessarose deWinter: but it's an awesome idea
[7:35:33 PM] Ava Lacroix: Well, Bren, please post that idea in the TA forum when you get a chance.
[7:35:35 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: mr myagi
[7:35:41 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'd like to hear more from the membership
[7:35:42 PM] Bren: Will do, boss!
[7:36:02 PM] Ava Lacroix: Okay. We were going to swtich 3 and 4 on the Agenda because Gaven is driving
[7:36:12 PM] Ava Lacroix: but since he won't be back in time anyway I'll go ahead and talk about training
[7:36:16 PM] Sevrek: he's returned
[7:36:23 PM] Sevrek: I think
[7:36:25 PM] Bren: He's still driving, though, lol
[7:36:32 PM] Sevrek: jesus
[7:36:34 PM] Ava Lacroix:
[7:36:37 PM] Nessarose deWinter: brum requires trainnig
[7:36:41 PM] Ava Lacroix: This is the thread.
[7:36:42 PM] Nessarose deWinter: she cannot train others
[7:36:54 PM] Ava Lacroix: If you CAN train others, I will kindly expect you to DO train others.
[7:36:59 PM] Ava Lacroix: Ooh, I can train Brum!
[7:37:01 PM] Ava Lacroix:
[7:37:04 PM] Nessarose deWinter: lol
[7:37:08 PM] Ava Lacroix: Sistaaaas, doin' it for themsellllves.
[7:37:13 PM] Nessarose deWinter: oh oh
[7:37:15 PM] Nessarose deWinter: this is where i add
[7:37:24 PM] Nessarose deWinter: i know some/most of us are used to paddie-master relationships
[7:37:35 PM] Nessarose deWinter: but going to dif trainers for dif abilities - totally legit
[7:37:53 PM] Ava Lacroix: Since Brum is like... sort of politicalish.
[7:37:54 PM] Ava Lacroix: well
[7:37:55 PM] Ava Lacroix: not really
[7:37:58 PM] Ava Lacroix: but she's in the medical corps
[7:38:04 PM] Nessarose deWinter: she's in the medical crops
[7:38:11 PM] Ava Lacroix: which is tangentially related
[7:38:13 PM] Nessarose deWinter: her big mouth earned her the only PC to ever be in a detention cell in TA
[7:38:15 PM] Nessarose deWinter: EVER
[7:38:19 PM] Sevrek: I'm gonna hold off on commiting to too many efforts right away, gotta see how much I can juggle.
[7:38:36 PM] Ava Lacroix: Plus I control your budget !
[7:38:47 PM] Ava Lacroix: Ookay
[7:38:58 PM] Ava Lacroix: So if you are available to train, please say so. IF YOU NEED A TRAINER. Post in that thread also.
[7:39:04 PM] Ava Lacroix: Sometimes things fall through the cracks
[7:39:09 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'd like to minimize that.
[7:39:17 PM] Ava Lacroix: Squeaky wheel gets the grease, so if you need a trainer, squeak.
[7:39:37 PM] Sevrek: roger
[7:39:59 PM] Ava Lacroix: So here's a topic of discussion I'd like to open to the floor.
[7:40:02 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm a politician in-character
[7:40:15 PM] Ava Lacroix: Which seems rather limited in terms of how I can train people.
[7:40:25 PM] Ava Lacroix: But I was wondering what you all thought of how I can be more useful in training people.
[7:40:37 PM] Bren: I had a few ideas on that, naturally, being the Intel guy
[7:40:37 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm an elite, after all. I should be pulling my weight.
[7:41:23 PM] Nessarose deWinter: you can actually teach politics ic
[7:41:23 PM] Bren: It's a rather easy fit for anybody from the Intel perspective. We represent most all of the dignitary protection, etc, and work closely with the political aspect.
[7:41:27 PM] Nessarose deWinter: like
[7:41:33 PM] Sevrek: that'd be cool
[7:41:38 PM] Nessarose deWinter: how to talk. debate. squeeze info out without the other side realizing what's happening, etc
[7:41:53 PM] Bren: Any thread a politican such as yourself is involved in, there is somebody from Intel who could pull any number of roles as required.
[7:42:30 PM] Bren: In terms of the military population. Pilots could be in threads acting as the courier, etc. Army could be assignd to an Intel task force working the security.
[7:42:42 PM] Sevrek: you could also send combat types on dept of state missions
[7:42:50 PM] Bren: Exactly, Sevrek.
[7:42:50 PM] Sevrek: of the lead pipe cruelty variety
[7:42:50 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Smith [Serinn] goes looking for something to get that mental image out of his mind.
[7:43:07 PM] Sevrek: speak to them through contacts
[7:43:23 PM] Ava Lacroix: Okay
[7:43:28 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm liking *all* of these ideas.
[7:43:47 PM] Justin: Wicked pliot here needing shit to do !
[7:43:52 PM] Justin: Justin waves hand
[7:43:58 PM] Ava Lacroix: So basically you're all cool with me training people by sending them to do stuff for me (for army/navy/intel types) or taking them under my political wing (for non-combatants)?
[7:43:59 PM] Justin: Justin jumps up and down
[7:44:02 PM] Justin:  XD
[7:44:06 PM] Sevrek: yeah
[7:44:08 PM] Bren: Exactly, Ava
[7:44:22 PM] Ava Lacroix: Justin
[7:44:24 PM] Sevrek: establish an unnoficial cabinet
[7:44:28 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'd like my coffee.
[7:44:30 PM] Bren: You actually embody the perfect element a role, in making sure that nobody falls through teh cracks.
[7:44:31 PM] Ava Lacroix: Hot. Thanks.
[7:44:35 PM] Justin: from which planet
[7:44:40 PM] Justin: XD
[7:44:58 PM] Justin: yeah I'll do but you better make it extreme
[7:45:17 PM] Ava Lacroix: LOL
[7:45:18 PM] Ava Lacroix: Okay.
[7:45:21 PM] Ava Lacroix: Well that's great.
[7:45:29 PM] Ava Lacroix: Thanks. I feel like I can contribute more now. I appreciate your input.
[7:45:32 PM] Ava Lacroix: And as always, my inbox is open.
[7:45:40 PM] Bren: For sure
[7:45:53 PM] Sevrek: she didn't tell you, justin? She only drinks lazer coffee, from the planet VolcanoMonsterVille.
[7:45:57 PM] Ava Lacroix: Now, Bren had some ideas re: advertising that I'm going to let him explain.
[7:46:10 PM] Bren: Bren activates holodisplay
[7:46:12 PM] Bren: ITS A TRAP!
[7:46:22 PM] Ava Lacroix: I will stab you.
[7:46:25 PM] Ava Lacroix: Make with the presentation
[7:46:28 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Smith [Serinn] hands Ava a spoon.
[7:46:29 PM] Ava Lacroix: You have three minutes. Go!
[7:47:11 PM] Bren: I think it's a great idea to do a broader kind of advertising campaign. Now, I'm relatively inexperienced with Yuku/HTML/etc, but I'm trying to learn as best I can so I can try to make some ads to present to you guys.
[7:47:32 PM] Nessarose deWinter: there is an advertisement forum
[7:47:47 PM] Bren: If any of you are talented in that area, and have some time to kill, I would love any assistance putting together some ads that are Alliance-specific. Flashy stuff.
[7:47:49 PM] Nessarose deWinter: staff has access to it, as do people who express an interest in helping with the advertising
[7:47:57 PM] Bren: Yeah, but that's not really what I'm talking.
[7:48:00 PM] Nessarose deWinter: we have our ad, coded in HTML, BBCodes, etc
[7:48:06 PM] Nessarose deWinter: along with links to where we've advertised
[7:48:13 PM] Nessarose deWinter: we've got 2 videos up on youtube
[7:48:40 PM] Bren: I'm talking going to places that aren't regularly advertised on by Sci-Fi/SW kinda places. Like fantasy boards, and most importantly, any large RPG resource sites that are still tracked regularly.
[7:48:50 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'd sort of like to see some Propaganda-type things.
[7:48:56 PM] Ava Lacroix: Subversive posters and whatnot.
[7:48:58 PM] Nessarose deWinter: that's what i'm doing
[7:48:59 PM] Bren: And I'm talking ads that are specifically tailored for the TA, as opposed to a blanket Descension ad.
[7:49:03 PM] Nessarose deWinter: to date i've advertised in about 400 places
[7:49:06 PM] Nessarose deWinter: not just SW/scifi
[7:49:11 PM] Nessarose deWinter: but all RP or RP-friendly
[7:49:17 PM] Nessarose deWinter: including fb, LJ, mostly off of yuku
[7:49:29 PM] Nessarose deWinter: you can easily make use of that
[7:49:34 PM] Nessarose deWinter: since it saves you searching trouble
[7:49:45 PM] Ava Lacroix: Recruitment type stuff. People get a kick out of familiar things (uncle sam) made into their favorite fandoms.
[7:49:54 PM] Bren: Ava gets it.
[7:50:04 PM] Nessarose deWinter: i'm trying to say..
[7:50:11 PM] Nessarose deWinter: there's readily available resources you can use to do that
[7:50:28 PM] Bren: Yeah, which are great starting points.
[7:50:28 PM] Ava Lacroix: Can you get Bren access to the advertising forum?
[7:50:33 PM] Nessarose deWinter: yup
[7:50:35 PM] Nessarose deWinter: hold on
[7:50:38 PM] Bren: I'd apperciate that
[7:50:45 PM] Ava Lacroix: He can take a look and regroup and we can work on it going forward.
[7:51:05 PM] Ava Lacroix: We could totally synergize your efforts
[7:51:06 PM] Bren: Do you mind any TA-specific ads, though? As opposed to ads specifically made for the whole of Decension?
[7:51:11 PM] Ava Lacroix: And really shift some paradigms.
[7:51:15 PM] Nessarose deWinter: bren, refresh desc
[7:51:16 PM] Ava Lacroix: by thinking outside the box.
[7:51:25 PM] Nessarose deWinter: bren, if you guys post them, i dont mind, hehe
[7:51:29 PM] Bren: You rock
[7:51:33 PM] Sevrek: that's not a bad Idea, bren
[7:51:35 PM] Nessarose deWinter: i dont see why i should mind though
[7:51:36 PM] Nessarose deWinter: i mean
[7:51:36 PM] Bren: Thanks
[7:51:50 PM] Nessarose deWinter: you guys have ideas to expand the faction and bring mroe people to the site? dudes, go for it
[7:51:59 PM] Bren: I didn't forsee it being an issue, but I just want to make sure I'm not stepping on any toes, etc.
[7:52:15 PM] Nessarose deWinter: i've been looking on/off for the past 2.5 years for people to help in advertising
[7:52:19 PM] Nessarose deWinter: no one ever does
[7:52:21 PM] Nessarose deWinter: you're more than welcome to
[7:52:24 PM] Nessarose deWinter: no toes are stepped
[7:52:43 PM] Bren: Righteous
[7:52:45 PM] Ava Lacroix: WONDERFUL.
[7:52:55 PM] Nessarose deWinter: can you see the HQ forum?
[7:53:01 PM] Bren: I sure can, thank you
[7:53:13 PM] Ava Lacroix: OKAY
[7:53:18 PM] Nessarose deWinter: w00t
[7:53:21 PM] Ava Lacroix: Gather round, boys and girls.
[7:53:22 PM] Ava Lacroix: It's time
[7:53:29 PM] Ava Lacroix: For a message
[7:53:32 PM] Ava Lacroix: from Auntie Avadreia.
[7:53:36 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Awwe
[7:53:39 PM] Ava Lacroix: Ava Lacroix sits down on the carpet.
[7:53:46 PM] Bren: Kiskla is back in time!
[7:53:47 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: No, you get the rocking chair
[7:53:51 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: We get the carpet
[7:53:53 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: HOLLA
[7:53:53 PM] Ava Lacroix: You're right
[7:53:55 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Idodat
[7:53:56 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm decrepit.
[7:54:02 PM] Ava Lacroix: Ava Lacroix sits on the rocking chair.
[7:54:11 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Haley [Kiskla] cross-legged on carpet
[7:54:13 PM] Nessarose deWinter: bren - if you need help with coding/bbcoding/etc, drop me a word. i'm usually just invi on skype but around
[7:54:17 PM] Ava Lacroix: So this is the part of the evening I like to call "A note from Avadreia."
[7:55:11 PM] Ava Lacroix: First, fleeting. I don't do it. I don't like it. I want people I can trust to do it. Right now Gaven is taking up a lot of the slack but I think he could use someone to hand the fleeting off to so he can get back to being a badass Jedi.
[7:55:27 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm not asking for volunteers now, but--if you're so inclined, or if you know someone who is, please think about sending them over.
[7:56:02 PM] Ava Lacroix: Second, government. I love this stuff. Politics creams my twinkie. I want to do more of it. I like it! If you do too, please consider PCing or NPCing some councilors.
[7:56:11 PM] Ava Lacroix: Third, Jedi stuff. And this one actually requires a discussion.
[7:56:21 PM] Ava Lacroix:  was talking with my advisers earlier about streamlining the TA ranks
[7:56:32 PM] Ava Lacroix: They're a bit... there.
[7:56:53 PM] Ava Lacroix: And we got it down to 4 branches: Gov't, Intel, Army and Navy
[7:57:01 PM] Bren: (Woo, go Intel!)
[7:58:47 PM] Sevrek: I'm more suited for army work, GIJoes to Bren's James Bond.
[7:58:48 PM] Ava Lacroix: Now, my vision of TA's interactions with Jedi is that they serve as members of TA--they would be like the Generals of the Clone Wars or Senators or whatever floats their fancy. So let me ask you--do we need to have separate Jedi ranks for Jedi that, for whatever reason, are part of TA? Or is it best to keep TA more or less a ... what's the word? Secular? A secular organization, which welcomes Jedi but has them integrate into our existing ranks?
[7:59:06 PM | Edited 7:59:14 PM] Nessarose deWinter: secular, imo
[7:59:17 PM] Bren: Hmm
[7:59:18 PM] Sevrek: battlefield commisions?
[7:59:27 PM] Bren: Yeah
[7:59:33 PM] Ava Lacroix: Yes. Like Obi-Wan was "General Kenobi"
[7:59:38 PM] Sevrek: yeha
[7:59:43 PM] Ava Lacroix: They can use their talents and thank God they do but they take our ranks.
[7:59:50 PM] Ava Lacroix: At least that's my vision.
[7:59:54 PM] Bren: I say make them integrate into TA ranks, but having honorific titles of their rank
[8:00:00 PM] Bren: (Jedi rank)
[8:00:14 PM] Bren: Kind of like calling somebody Doctor, etc?
[8:00:40 PM] Ava Lacroix: Well
[8:00:45 PM] Ava Lacroix: I don't know about military ranks and doctors
[8:00:54 PM] Ava Lacroix: but on Downton Abbey when Dr. Clarkson went to war they called him Major Clarkson.
[8:00:57 PM] Bren: They're still called doctor, despite their rank.
[8:00:58 PM] Bren: Rofl
[8:01:05 PM] Spires: ^
[8:01:27 PM] Bren: Think of it more like how a judge is called "your honor"
[8:01:38 PM] Sevrek: tie it to their ooc ranks, maybe.
[8:01:51 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Hrm.  Ok, somewhat related.  What about Force-users (Jedi, in this case) who have actual military ranks IC?  Not just honorary...
[8:01:53 PM] Ava Lacroix: Well Jedi would keep their FU rank--a Master would be Master regardless of whether they were a Lieutenant or a General.
[8:02:13 PM] Sevrek: if they were to join a battle, how many could they adequately lead?
[8:02:19 PM] Sevrek: and then go fromthere
[8:02:23 PM] Ava Lacroix: Wel that's what I'm ultimately talking about Serinn
[8:02:25 PM] Nessarose deWinter: that's why you kepe them seperate
[8:02:31 PM] Bren: Bren hmms
[8:02:36 PM] Nessarose deWinter: if you wanna move through the militairy ranks, you do what NFU's would do to move through them
[8:02:44 PM] Nessarose deWinter: if you wanna rank up in jedi'ism, you do what FUs need to do
[8:02:45 PM] Ava Lacroix: I think you should be able to be a Jedi and still be a Colonel or whatever.
[8:02:49 PM] Ava Lacroix: aka Jaina Solo
[8:03:06 PM] Sevrek: like how captain america is a 3 star general when he fights alongside the army.
[8:03:07 PM] Bren: I agree.
[8:03:10 PM] Bren: ROFL
[8:03:16 PM] Sevrek: fact
[8:03:23 PM] Bren: The way I kind of envision it is like...
[8:03:27 PM] Bren: religion in the military, IRL
[8:03:28 PM] Ava Lacroix: but I think Brum is also right.
[8:03:41 PM] Sevrek: yeah
[8:03:42 PM] Ava Lacroix: Being a Jedi Master doesn't entitle you to be a General right off the bat. They use different muscles.
[8:03:48 PM] Ava Lacroix: So they both need to be trained.
[8:03:48 PM] Smith [Serinn]: *nod*
[8:04:01 PM] Ava Lacroix: But we're agreed that TA doesn't need a fifth set of ranks for Jedi.
[8:04:02 PM] Ava Lacroix: Yes?
[8:04:10 PM] Sevrek: or how bout this
[8:04:32 PM] Bren: Your commission as an officer in the TA military doesn't have anything to do with whether you're a Jedi, or a Space Atheist.
[8:04:37 PM] Sevrek: when not in direct cooperation with TA forces, they'd just be their jedi ranks
[8:05:02 PM] Sevrek: but when shit goes down they'd just assume whatever rates were needed
[8:05:19 PM] Ava Lacroix: SPATHIEST
[8:05:21 PM] Sevrek: like a platoon might be led by a certain rank
[8:05:30 PM] Sevrek: idk
[8:05:35 PM] Bren: I'd see it like...
[8:05:37 PM] Spires: No.
[8:06:07 PM] Bren: If you're not a military-style Jedi, like, a soldier or whatever who became a Jedi, that's one thing. They can be a Colonel or General, swashbuckling as a leader of men
[8:06:13 PM] Spires: Jedi Knights are the only ones allowed to command
[8:06:22 PM] Nessarose deWinter: question
[8:06:24 PM] Sevrek: I think you're ideas are probz better, just throwin more speach out there
[8:06:33 PM] Nessarose deWinter: does everyone in TA have to be part of the militairy in one form or another?
[8:06:39 PM] Ava Lacroix: No.
[8:06:43 PM] Bren: But a Jedi such as, Brum, who is a healer/medic, type, is not going to be doing that. If anything, she would integrate in as like, support.
[8:06:44 PM] Spires: Knights and up, just to be clear
[8:06:51 PM] Sevrek: right
[8:06:53 PM] Nessarose deWinter: yup
[8:06:59 PM] Nessarose deWinter: and you can totally remove her 1st lt thing
[8:07:05 PM] Nessarose deWinter: she doesnt even know she has it IC <.<
[8:07:09 PM] Bren: So we're kind of beating ourselves into a corner we don't need to be in.
[8:07:13 PM] Nessarose deWinter: aye
[8:07:24 PM] Bren: Lol
[8:07:53 PM] Bren: I say give them military ranks if they're military, otherwise, they're like, consultants.
[8:08:05 PM] Ava Lacroix: OK. I'll take all this under advisement.
[8:08:10 PM] Bren: Sweet dealio
[8:08:12 PM] Ava Lacroix: Okay
[8:08:15 PM] Ava Lacroix: Topic six.
[8:08:17 PM] Ava Lacroix: Questions and Answers.
[8:08:21 PM] Sevrek: boom. doin' stuff.
[8:08:37 PM] Ava Lacroix: You ask questions, I answer. Or, more likely, tell you I don't know and I'll try to find out.
[8:08:45 PM] Bren: Lol
[8:09:09 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Spires probably knows who I was referring to with my last question, heh...
[8:09:20 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Yes, it's belated, but meh.
[8:09:39 PM] Ava Lacroix: Welll do you have a question?
[8:09:41 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm all ears.
[8:10:16 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Eh?  Er... not really, but probably better to stick it out there anyway, lol.
[8:10:32 PM | Edited 8:10:35 PM] Nessarose deWinter: i don't have any questions
[8:10:45 PM] Nessarose deWinter: except that next month, can we do it earlier?
[8:10:46 PM] Bren: I can't think of anything at present.
[8:10:54 PM] Ava Lacroix: Month?
[8:10:55 PM] Smith [Serinn]: [8:02 PM] Smith [Serinn]:

<<< Hrm.  Ok, somewhat related.  What about Force-users (Jedi, in this case) who have actual military ranks IC?  Not just honorary...
I'm referring to one of my oldest/longest-played characters here, heh.
[8:10:57 PM] Ava Lacroix: Oh sweetie. This is weekly!
[8:11:10 PM] Smith [Serinn]: who is both a Force-user and military/former military, heh
[8:11:11 PM] Bren: They retain their rank.
[8:11:21 PM] Smith [Serinn]: and a bit of political, if I'm going to be honest.
[8:11:45 PM] Sevrek: yeah
[8:11:52 PM] Bren: It'd imagine it would be kind of like a reserve rank kind of deal, though, as you'd have split commitments between the military and Jedi Order
[8:12:35 PM] Nessarose deWinter: o.o
[8:12:37 PM] Nessarose deWinter: next week then
[8:13:07 PM] Ava Lacroix: Yes. I see it as Bren does.
[8:13:13 PM] Smith [Serinn]: *nod*
[8:13:26 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Oh.  now I remember why I brought it up.
[8:13:29 PM] Ava Lacroix: Yes?
[8:13:31 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Smith [Serinn] facepalms for forgetting.
[8:14:08 PM] Smith [Serinn]: The character in question has her own command, heh.  Has had it since she was a Jedi Knight/Captain.
[8:14:18 PM] Ava Lacroix: Command of what?
[8:15:00 PM] Smith [Serinn]: A company.  And I'm not referring specifically to a business entity, but the military term.
[8:15:05 PM] Ava Lacroix: Indeed.
[8:15:08 PM] Ava Lacroix: Well, are they retired now?
[8:15:27 PM] Smith [Serinn]: From the military, yes.  From active
[8:15:36 PM] Sevrek: uh oh
[8:15:40 PM] Sevrek: standing armies
[8:15:41 PM] Bren: NPC unit, or what was the makeup of it previously? Understanding we're in the midst of a bit of reorganizing ourselves
[8:16:02 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Active duty as in serving as security for her company, among other things.
[8:16:13 PM] Sevrek: PMC?
[8:16:17 PM] Smith [Serinn]: I can link to the bio of the character in question.
[8:16:23 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Not exactly, Sevrek.
[8:16:36 PM] Ava Lacroix: Please link it.
[8:17:31 PM] Smith [Serinn]:
[8:17:53 PM] Bren: If it's an active duty portion of the TA military that served under you previously, it's pretty safe to assume that they've probably been reassigned to various other commands, and the unit as you knew it was effectively disbanded
[8:17:55 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Hey guys, I know you'll miss my exceptionally active contribution to this meeting, but I have to go. I have economics calling my name.
[8:18:00 PM] Smith [Serinn]: More specifically - the company in question.  http://descension.wikia.c...a_Arkelion#Alpha_Company
[8:18:08 PM] Smith [Serinn]: It's never been part of TA.
[8:18:14 PM] Nessarose deWinter: may the force be with you, haley
[8:18:18 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Or the Empire, or any faction, really.
[8:18:25 PM] Ava Lacroix: <3 Haley take care!
[8:18:25 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Kiskla needs to upgrade her Phrik to Beskar.
Let's do business, babe.
[8:18:26 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Not at Descension, at least.
[8:18:31 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Be well, Haley!
[8:18:42 PM] Bren: If it's a mercenary outfit, I don't understand the situation. If it wasn't part of the  TA, and was your own funded personnel...
[8:18:52 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: Promise I'll read up on what I missed.
Goodnight all! /Goodmorning ;o
[8:18:58 PM] Haley [Kiskla]: <3
[8:19:00 PM] Bren: Nighto
[8:19:14 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Well, Sara is currently in transition to join the Jedi.
[8:19:43 PM] Smith [Serinn]: And is a former Army Colonel -AND- former Sector Lord of the now-defunct Sith Imperium.
[8:20:21 PM] Ava Lacroix: So if she's joining TJO, then it's really TJO's policy that matters.
[8:20:38 PM] Smith [Serinn]: So when she joins the Jedi, she'd be bringing all her assets to the table in the process, heh.
[8:20:55 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Money, business, equipment, personnel.
[8:21:21 PM] Bren: I completely can't remember what the specific issue we're discussing is
[8:21:57 PM] Smith [Serinn]: I was just wondering which area her personal command would fall under, post-transition.
[8:22:26 PM] Smith [Serinn]: I mean... a Jedi wandering around with what amounts to household troops?
[8:22:48 PM] Ava Lacroix: The Alliance does not deal with mercenaries.
[8:22:53 PM] Bren: Well, that's the tricky part. It depends on how you transitioned, exactly. If you allowed them to be merged into the TA, it would be essentially "needs of the Alliance", and they'd be dispersed where appropriate.
[8:23:07 PM] Bren: Otherwise they'd remain yours to control, or disband officially on your own.
[8:23:08 PM] Ava Lacroix: They're welcome to integrate into TA's command structure
[8:23:36 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Not even if she put them at the Alliance's disposal for whatever ops - yeah.  ^  That's what I was looking to find out, Bren, Ava.
[8:23:42 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Thanks. 
[8:25:00 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Apologies for the confusion.
[8:25:03 PM] Sevrek: I think think the only concern is loyalty.
[8:25:27 PM] Ava Lacroix: Look, if we're building a cult of personality it had better damn well be my personality.
[8:25:30 PM] Bren: It depends on the kind of mission the TA was doing, if they wanted deniability, etc. There aren't a lot of mission types for a privately mobilized military force like that, amongst the TA
[8:25:42 PM] Ava Lacroix: Next question
[8:26:06 PM] Smith [Serinn]: tbh, I wouldn't have a problem just giving the majority of the Company to the Alliance.
[8:26:19 PM] Smith [Serinn]: I'd just want to work up to it, IC.
[8:26:27 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Smith [Serinn] shutting up now.
[8:26:27 PM] Sevrek: pepper them in with levy?
[8:26:32 PM] Bren: Lol, moving along
[8:26:37 PM] Sevrek: sorry
[8:26:43 PM] Bren: I'm trying to think of any clarifications or questions I have.
[8:26:49 PM] Ava Lacroix:
[8:27:19 PM] Spires: Who's going to Be on for a while yet?
[8:27:29 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Not me.
[8:27:31 PM] Nessarose deWinter: i dunno
[8:27:40 PM] Nessarose deWinter: i'm wondering if i can stay awake until tonight
[8:27:45 PM] Nessarose deWinter: but somehow i doubt it >.>
[8:27:51 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm going to bed within the hour.
[8:28:24 PM] Ava Lacroix: So if there are no questions I'd like to open the floor to ideas for storylines going forward. I know we talked about stuff with TGE but there is a great big galaxy out there. Thoughts?
[8:28:28 PM] Spires: Well fuck you too then
[8:28:59 PM] Ava Lacroix: o.O
[8:29:05 PM] Bren: I think it would be great if we gathered interest amongst any freelance-types out there. Started doing some backroom dealing, shady stuff. I intend to flesh out Intel as a realistic organization.
[8:29:12 PM] Nessarose deWinter: i'd be interested in some TA-TSP headbutting
[8:29:21 PM] Bren: That includes the kind of shady, morally bankrupt kind of stuff.
[8:29:22 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Define freelance, Bren?
[8:29:25 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Ah.
[8:29:33 PM] Bren: Smugglers, criminals, underworld types
[8:29:39 PM] Bren: Independent operators.
[8:29:45 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Amusingly... this thought just came to mind.
[8:30:03 PM] Smith [Serinn]: And Ava may or may not react well...heh.
[8:30:31 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Sara has -in the past- approached the Alliance with an offer of support.  This was back when Strider was faction mod...
[8:30:47 PM] Nessarose deWinter: april '11
[8:31:09 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Regardless of that, I suspect that by doing so, she'd earned the attention of any Alliance Intel-types.
[8:31:26 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Could be something to look into with a thread.
[8:31:46 PM] Bren: Absolutely
[8:32:11 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Especially considering all that she's done since then.  Colonel/Sector Lord bit.
[8:32:18 PM] Justin: bouncin' out later kido's
[8:32:22 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Anyway.  Passing thought.
[8:32:24 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Be well, Justin.
[8:32:32 PM] Bren: Take care
[8:32:42 PM] Nessarose deWinter: Nessarose deWinter licks justin
[8:33:10 PM] Ava Lacroix: Okay.
[8:33:12 PM] Smith [Serinn]: The reason I referenced Ava, is cause, well . . . they have met, lol, however briefly.  *shrug*
[8:33:54 PM] Ava Lacroix: I am willing to consider it. Since you referenced Intel, work with Bren and we'll talk next week about what would make sense. Ok?
[8:34:03 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Fair enough.
[8:34:13 PM] Bren: Sounds great
[8:34:33 PM] Ava Lacroix: Okay
[8:34:47 PM] Ava Lacroix: I'm going to wrap this thing up
[8:34:49 PM] Ava Lacroix: Before we go
[8:35:05 PM] Ava Lacroix: does anyone know of a place where I can host, like, a text file or something that I can put this log in?
[8:35:44 PM] Bren: Google documents!
[8:35:57 PM] Ava Lacroix: Not everyone has google documents
[8:36:02 PM] Bren: And just set the viewing thingy to like, open view
[8:36:07 PM] Bren: Should just then be linkable
[8:36:10 PM] Ava Lacroix: Okay
[8:36:28 PM] Bren: Its the easiest available method, I think.
[8:37:01 PM] Nessarose deWinter: evernote
[8:37:08 PM] Nessarose deWinter: or you can just post it
[8:37:23 PM] Nessarose deWinter: yuku accepts posts longer than this log
[8:37:24 PM] Nessarose deWinter: <.<
[8:37:28 PM] Ava Lacroix: It does?
[8:37:30 PM] Ava Lacroix: Sweet Jesus.
[8:37:30 PM] Bren: I can get it sorted out for you, Ava
[8:37:34 PM] Nessarose deWinter: want me to put it up/
[8:37:40 PM] Bren: Or Nessa can.
[8:37:44 PM] Nessarose deWinter: lol
[8:37:55 PM] Sevrek: gotta duck out for bed folks. I'll hop on tomorrow.
[8:38:02 PM] Bren: Have a good one, Sevrek
[8:38:02 PM] Nessarose deWinter: sweet dreams
[8:38:12 PM] Smith [Serinn]: Sleep well.
[8:38:21 PM] Sevrek: everybody's so nice
[8:38:21 PM] Bren: Glad we had a pretty good turnout tonight
[8:38:26 PM] Sevrek: me too
[8:38:29 PM] Bren: Just wait til the freakout
[8:38:35 PM] Smith [Serinn]: What freakout?
[8:38:44 PM] Bren: What freakout, indeed