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Keite Paddron
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Avatar: Eric MacCormick (As if you didn't notice)
Character Name: Keite Paddron
Alias: None
Age:  31
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Chandrila

Faction Affiliation: Alliance
Faction Rank: Captain
Occupation: Solider
*OOC Rank (Trainee/Apprentice, Adept/Knight, Elite/Master): Adept
Force Alignment: None

Personality:  Calm, quiet, outgoing, but military rigid.

History: The Second cousin of Destota Valentine, Keite is the second in command of the Elite "Black Dragon Knights", Chandrila's most elite and dangerous Military unit, Keite has been in the service of the Chandrilian Military since age 15, like his Cousin. He is well known for utter brutality to his enemies, and even to his fellow soliders.  

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Keite Paddron
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Please note, "adept" is a rank that has to be reached. A character on Descension cannot start at that rank, and you are currently a trainee. If you wish to transfer your rank, visit this thread.