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Steven Hackett
« on: 09/02/12 13:38:16 »
Character Name: Steven Hackett
Alias: None
Age: 27
Species: Human, Genetically Enhanced.
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Chandrila

Faction Affiliation: The Alliance
Faction Rank: Captain
Occupation: Elite Solider
*OOC Rank (Trainee/Apprentice, Adept/Knight, Elite/Master): Adept
Force Alignment: None

Personality: Military Standard, no-nonsense, following orders at all times.
History: WIP...

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Steven Hackett
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Please note, "adept" is a rank that has to be reached. A character on Descension cannot start at that rank, and you are currently a trainee. If you wish to transfer your rank, visit this thread.