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All the threads that have had their last reply until March 2012 have been moved to the uncompleted RP archive forum.
If you believe any of the threads were moved by mistake or you would  like to retrieve them in order to resume the RP, please reply to this thread or contact one of the owners/admins.

  • I'm Terrible with Names [Brumhilda/Jason]
  • Stranger Things Have Happened - Invite
  • A Family Matter (Alistair/Invite)
  • There's A Fine Line Between Love and Hate - [Nessa]
  • Crystalline Tones [Caitlyn]
  • Blind Date [Invite Only/No Idea]
  • Caution to the Wind - (Invite)
  • No Fate but What We Make - [Fallon]
  • Light the Fuse and Burn it All - (Kayla)
  • Red Haven is Burning (Dorsek and Jela/Invite Only)
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall [invite]
  • Grass, Blood and Lightsabers.
  • Firefight Fetish (Open)
  • Close Yet Far (Saelia)
  • Neon & Chrome [Tethis]
  • Training a New Generation (Brumhilda/Jedi Exiles)
  • Defending the homestead ~Kir-al~ [incomplete]
  • Join me, so we may talk of the future (Rylan)
  • You Can Fool The World But Not Your Sister - [Morgaine]
  • All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward (Nessa+Jace+Fallie)
  • Chaos before Order (TGE, Open, PM)
  • Spooky Dreams, and Sweet Nightmares (invite only, Tethis)
  • Sweet surprise - Merlin
  • It's Insulting To Think I Haven't Anticipated Your Every Move - [Antares]
  • Frogs, Lepers and Piss (Karin)
  • Tempest Dawn (open) Done for closing
  • Trashed and Scattered
  • The Human Incubator [Kari]
  • Change in Management (Saia)
  • Filial Bonding (Mark, Invite)
  • Clash [Sandrius]
  • I Feel It Within.. Just Beneath the Skin: The Degradation of a Broken Mind
  • The Journey Begins (Velori)
  • Forever Doesn't Seem Long Enough(Koran)
  • A Chance Meeting? (Amarant/Open)
  • He looks familiar (A past RP) ~Xander~
  • The new Ambassador from Alderaan (TA / Invite)
  • The Master of Magnetism - [Training]
  • Broken Wings To Heal: Grounding a Born Pilot (Open)
  • Make me smile (Ciaran)
  • This is Your Lucky Day (Invite)
  • Reallocation (Invite)
  • Hunger Games (Open)
  • Creatures of the Night Never Looked So Nice - (Ciaran)
  • A Jedi At Last (Jason Starkiller)
  • The Diadem of the Sun [EOS]
  • Its a fine day for guests.... - Procopia (Asteria deWinter)
  • Justicar Ex Officio [Demetra]
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