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Alexia Preston
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Character Name: Alexia Preston
Character Nicknames/Aliases: Lex, Lexi, Sexi Lexi

Name/Nickname/Handle/Primary Character: Alexia Preston
Avatar: Miranda Kerr

Age: 18 (frozen in carbon at this age, where she remains today)
Species: human
Gender: female
Homeworld: Coruscant


Eye Color: blue (ish hazel)
Hair Color: honey brunette
Hair Style: usually down and wavy
Weight: none of your damned business (about 115 lbs)
Height: 5'3"


Type of body/build: fit and in shape, but appears delicate
Other: has a circular scar and a long line scar on her abdomen; tattoo on her inner thighs of a tiger leaving matching scratches a few inches long down her upper inner thighs


Rogue Force User; associates loosely with the Sith


Previous Position(s):
Sith Apprentice (Knighted by Lord Valentai on TGC)

Headstrong, loyal, dedicated

Nature :
Alexia is a rather optomistic person despite being a dark Force user. She likes to assist in any capacity, and would rather spend all her free time with Bryce and her children than have anything in the galaxy

Habbits :
Alexia bites her lower lip when nervous. She also tends to avoid alcohol.

Strengths :
Her absolute willingness to sacrifice all for those she loves, her unquestioning dedication to Art of the Small, and her ability to think calmly and get out of most situations

Weaknesses & Character flaws :
Temper, memory loss, can come off as brash

Hobbies :
Studying the human body, spending time with her family, learning how to do new things, reading, sleeping in

Optimist or pessimist :
Almost always optimist

Talents :
Singing lullabyes, avoiding public events, finding trouble, and hating fish (yes, it is a talent to hate food with this much passion) ... especially shrimp ...

Introvert or extrovert? :
Introvert in public, extrovert if alone

Good characteristics :
Easy going, hard working

Drives and motives :
Protecting those she loves and refusing to allow her children to have the same horrible childhood she experienced.

Alexia favors fabrics, patterns, and other clothing styles that are very feminine. While she enjoys showing skin, for a Sith, she is relatively modest. Alexia would rather wear plainer styles than gaudy, and dresses more than pants. But she is always well dressed and looks presentable.

Accessories :
One astromech/nav droid-Ztephan
Two single bladed light sabers, one a dark forest green, the other a lighter sea foam green

In Battle
Light sabers
Force whips

Fighting styles:
None mastered: more of the street smart "will cut a wench" style

Interrelation with others
How is she perceived by Strangers? :
Cold, stand off-ish, very antisocial

How is she perceived by Friends? :
Loyal, loving, caring, motherly

Relationships with Other Characters:

Aria Starkiller - daughter (by Xander Starkiller)


Alexia was born to wealth and privelage, and with that came specific obligations. She endured child abuse and prostitution, and a breakdown in which she killed her entire family. At this point, she fled to the Sith.

Training under Lord Valentai, she was made Knight within a year and began training specifically in Art of the Small. Her daughter Aria was concieved.

Lexi was nesting in the Preston Manner on Coruscant, reparing Aria Rose's nursary and resting. But at 8 1/2 months, she was abducted in her sleep by the organization known to few as KytoP. She was held on Rusaan until Aria was born. After a week of not seeing her daughter and trying to get to her while healing from childbirth, it was deemed she was a risk. Alexia had a tattoo on her left front shoulder made, "752-1649-X," then was frozen in carbonite. She remains there in that state today.

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Alexia Preston
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