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Garith Darkhold SR (whip)
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Name: Garith Darkhold SR

Aliases: Lord Darkhold, Alor Darkhold,  Kad Ha’rangir  

OOC RanK: Sith Master

Height: 6’5”  (1.96 m)

Physical Description:  




Known Force Powers:

Apprentice Level Powers

Neutral Powers

Breath Control

Basic Telekinesis

Enhance Ability


Force Persuasion

Magnify Sense


Darkside Powers

Force Rage


Torture By Chargrin

Knight Level Powers

Battle Precognition

Body Adjustment


Conceal Alignment

Enhanced Force Sense

Enhanced Telekinesis

Force Choke

Force Deflect

Force Spark


Darkside Powers

Force Drain

Basic Sith Sorcery

Darkside Tendrils

Force Blast

Master Level Powers

Force Asorb

Force Concealment

Force Bubble

Mastered Telekinesis

Darkside Powers

Force Lighting

Mastered Sith Sorcery

Force Destruction

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Garith Darkhold SR (whip)
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