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Katrine Van Derveld
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Full Birthname: Katrine Van Derveld Hawk
Nickname: Kat
Age: Varies, 11
Rank: Force Practitioner Apprentice

Play by: Gintarė Šiulytė
Hair: Fire Red
Eyes: Sapphire Blue

- Daugther of Ket Van Derveld and Curupira D'Arr Hawk
- Was born on Dathomir as per her mother's wish to retain a small portion of her maternal heritage
- Has elongated canine teeth and claw-like fingertips
- Has meta-human hearing and sense of smell
- Had an "accident" with her pet bunny (included a small explosive device and a rain of feathers)
- Likes to take her Daddy's slugthrower and play with it
- Is read "Harry Potter" books by her Mommy for bedtime
- Is allergic to latex
- Hates comedy and children holo-videos, loves horror and action ones
- Is fluent in Basic Galactic Standard and High Galactic
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Katrine Van Derveld
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Name: Katrine Van Derveld Hawk
Nickname: Kat
Homeworld: Dathomir
Citizenships: Dathomir, Figaro Favoura IV, Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa

Amy Adams | Meryem Uzerli | Jessica Chastain
Species: Lupine
Age: Varies; 17
Hair color: Fire red
Eye color: Sapphire Blue
Height: 5'4'' (163 cm)
Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
Build: Slim
Measurements: 34-25-34 in (87-63.5-87 cm)
Wolf form:

Rank: (will be Sith) Apprentice
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Masters: Curupira D'Arr Hawk, Salem Norongachi (in the past)
Mentors: Chloe Van Derveld, Satara Hawk

[Knight] Force Levitation
[Knight] Force Whirlwind
[Apprentice] Concentration
[Apprentice] Enhance Ability
[Apprentice] Force Jump
[Apprentice] Force Push and Pull
[Apprentice] Force Sense

[Knight] Shield Spell
[Apprentice] Spell of Focus

Parents: Ket Van Derveld and Curupira D'Arr Hawk
Siblings: Chloe Van Derveld
Grandparents: Diego Van-Derveld, Celeine (paternal); Na'ala Hawk, Kir D'Arr (maternal), Seth Draclau (adoptive maternal)
Aunts and Uncles: Vega Van-Derveld, Cat Van-Derveld, Ignasius Van-Derveld, Ryori Za'tire (adoptive), Mercureus Hawk, TiCira D'Arr Hawk, Ahote D'Arr Hawk, Áine'ki D'Arr Hawk, etc.

Cute as a button, almost always appearing cheerful and happy. Truth is, Katrine has layers to herself which switch between her insane happy-self and depressive and violent nature. Despite her young age, she was diagnosed with Borderline personality order and her true personality is very much to rocky as it should be. It's only her medication that keeps the upbeat and smiling Katrine facade up. Underneath the drug induced behavior lies a messed up girl who is impulsive, prone to fits of rage, insecure in a great many things and obsessive about almost anything. Even as a child, she suffered from "incidents" which were deemed as adorable and funny by her mother but it was merely beginning of her condition such as the incident where she blew up her pet rabbit with one of her father's explosives resulting in an eradically happy dance and fits of giggle by the small child who was incredibly happy by what she had done. Her emotions can switch without so much as a blink of an eye and if off her medication, her nature demands destruction and chaos. It will make her happy and it will make her cry at the same time. Almost anything could trigger the change in emotions and only a dose of her medication (if she'll take it) will calm her down. Alternatively, her mother had developed a method of securing her until she calmed down - by suspending her body in the air until she calms down. The act itself angers Katrine even more at first though eventually, she will settle down and return to her happier visage.

She also suffers from ADHD which is something the medics thought best not to add drugs to in light of the heavy medication she was already receiving due to an even worse problem. She tends to get easily distracted and shifts topics in conversation and is often unable to do the same thing for long. She often misses on details because of her condition and can't stop talking, no matter what she's saying or even if it makes no sense to others. As her mind already works millions of miles per minute, random topics and ideas will come to her mind very easily which is something Kat can keep up, as well as her sister Chloe. Her mother as well though not as much as her older sister.

The only three people in this galaxy Katrine will stop at nothing to help are her parents and Chloe. Her father though the most, probably, as Katrine has a deep running father complex where she can never truly let go of her connection to him which also means being unable to connect to him for long periods of time will trigger her issues a lot faster than usual. But even despite this, Katrine undertook a dangerous journey to the past knowing full well she can never come in contact with him in this timeline, in fear of risking the future because Chloe took the trip herself and hasn't returned yet. However, in light of her many conditions, she often loses focus and strays to other adventures instead of searching for Chloe full time.

Case of warning, thread delicately when approaching, her cheerful persona is equally as tiring as her depressive one though probably not as terrifyingly imaginative.
Strengths and Weaknesses:
(+) Dathomirian blood: With only half of her genetic structure Dathomirian, while being born on the planet and spending a great deal on it, Katrine's aging does slightly differ from other humans in the galaxy but it's not as powerful as that of her mother or even more, that of the family matron, Satara Hawk.
(+) Lineage: Descendant of the Hawk family and daughter of Ket Van Derveld, Kat has quite a bit of potential with the Force within her though much of it is still untapped into.
(+) Powers and Magic: Katrine's initial studying of the Force and Spells came through her mother and great grandmother. The two women took very different approach in their studies. One took to simply feeling the Force and embracing it, the other preferring a teacher-student approach. Katrine eventually discovered that the Force was part of her and a such, it came to her much more naturally than for most people. And while certain powers she has to actually practice to get right, others lay down for her like lovers, her brain quickly figuring them out and thus enabling her to pick them up easily.
(+) Plethora of different skills: dancing, marksmanship, sword-ship, martial arts (heavily influenced by dancing, thanks to her sister's mentor-ship), ability to pick up languages, piloting
(+) Languages: Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Paecean (highly fluent), Bocce, Huttese, Binary (slightly above average)
(-) Mistrustful: In light of her spending most of her life with parents, primarily her parents and older sister, Kat can be quite mistrusting towards strangers. Her talkative and curious nature masks it to a degree but it does eventually show up in the small things.
(-) Talkative: Kat is extremely talkative and curious which is often visible in her ability to ask a ton of questions under just one minute, often she won't bother to wait for answer because she might not like it.
(-) Vain: But along with being very talkative, she also very much likes the sound of her voice.
(-) Character Flaws: Aimless, Audacious, Blunt, Bold, Deranged, Disturbed, Egotistical, Erratic, Fierce, Finicky, Fixation, Hedonistic, Hoity-toity, Impatient, Immature, Overprotective, Overconfident, Perfectionist, Proud, Rake, Rebellious, Remorseless, Smart Ass, Spiteful, Spoiled, Stubborn, Vain, Unpredictable, Temperamental, Theatrical, Trouble Maker
(-) Complexes: Father Complex
(-) Disorders: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
(-) Phobias: Apeirophobia (fear of infinity), Automysophobia (fear of being dirty), Bacillophobia (fear of microbes), Soteriophobia (fear of being dependent)
(-) Limited medication: Due to her Borderline Personality Disorder, diagnosed a few years back, Katrine has been regularly receiving medication which she takes in the morning and afternoon. On her trip back in time, she took the two prescription bottles she had so until they run out, she can control it.
Theme songs:
Radioactive / Imagine Dragons
She Wolf / David Guetta ft. Sia


Daughter of Ket Van Derveld and Curupira D'Arr Hawk, younger sister to Chloe Van Derveld. Katrine like her sister comes from the future where she was born five years after her on her mother's birth planet Dathomir where she was given a naming ceremony conducted by her great great grandmother Satara Hawk. She also spent her earliest years there, surrounded by family members, other Witches of the clan and their slaves, observing others use spells and picking up their language. Most of her life though, she's spent between Dathomir, Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa and her father's ship.
While Katrine started off as just about any child, it didn't take long for others around her to notice she wasn't quite your average child. First of all, she adored her father the very second she was in his presence and that feeling only grew, building into the Father Complex she now has where her father is nothing short of a god and everything he does is perfect to her, oh, and nobody, not even her own mother could every speak against her father in her presence and get away with it. Second, when she was five, she was given a white bunny as a pet but unfortunately, she also discovered explosives at the same time and it didn't take long for her pet to become nothing more than a rain of white feathers and blood in which Katrine had so much playing in. Third, her sister was pure awesome to her. Every little quirk Chloe had was epic in every single way and Katrine loved nothing more than to trail after her and mimic just about anything and everything Chloe did. Which is how she picked up dancing and her fighting style inspired by said dancing. Fourth, she discovered her affection for her Dad's weapons and would often find away to play with them before her Mother would take them away from her. Fifth, it didn't take long for her to decide she hated children's and comedy books or holo-videos but loved horror and action ones.
Katrine was in her pre-teens when her sister vanished. For a while, they didn't know where she was but then things started popping out, traces of her from before either of them were even born. It took them a while to piece things together and Katrine began to have troubles letting go and thus focused all her attention of everything she could possibly find of her. Eventually, she pieced enough things together and entered up following in her sister's footsteps with the goal of bringing her sister back home. Which she believed would be an easy task at the time.

To be updated...

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Katrine Van Derveld
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