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Bianca Ordana
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Avatar: Eliza Dushku
Character Name: Bianca Ordana
Age: 30
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Kuat

Occupation: Jedi Master
*OOC Rank (Trainee/Apprentice, Adept/Knight, Elite/Master): Master
Force Alignment: Light Side

Personality: Bianca is self sufficient, dedicated and disciplined. She is mindful of anything that would lead her to darkness. She is confident in her abilities but cautious almost to a fault.

History: Born on Kuat Bianca was discovered to be force sensitive at an early age and smuggled off the world by a rogue Jedi master whom she only knew as master. He handled her training from a young age teaching her everything he knew giving her a broad knowledge of the force with a focus on healing powers.

When Bianca reached her sixteenth birthday a Sith of immense power found their training grounds and faced her master in a duel which her master met his end leaving her alone. She would have joined him but the Sith was amused by her then weak attempts to defend herself and her master from his assault. He disarmed her easily and after knocking her out cold he left her for some unexplained reason.

After regaining conciousness Bianca honored her master by burning his body so he could be one with the force before she gathered her gear taking his freighter and striking out into the galaxy. It didn't take her long before she found the alliance and made friends amoungst those in their ranks but her time with them was short as within a few years of her arriving there she was out on a mission and ended up crash landing on Kashyyyk leaving her ship destroyed to the point that she was unable to make contact with the outside galaxy.

In the remote village Bianca lived she perfected her skills attaining a mastery of the force she had never previously experienced, enough that when she was finally rescued by her friends it was decided her skills and attitude warranted elevation to master. Now she honors her former master by following in his footsteps wandering the galaxy assisting where ever she could.

Known Lightsaber Combat Forms
Form I: Shii-Cho (Master)
Form V: Shien / Djem So (Master)
Form VII: Vapaad (Master)
Unorthodox Form
Jar'Kai (Self Taught)

Padawan Level Powers:
Basic Telekinesis, Enhance Ability, Force Sense, Farsight, Force Empathy, Force Persuasion, Breath Control, Meditative Trance, Telepathy, Control Pain, Force Healing (Self)

Knight Level Powers:
Battle Precognition, Enhanced Force Sense, Enhanced Telekinesis, Force Blinding, Conceal Alignment, Force Deflect, Force Sight, Tapas, Body Adjustment, Force Healing (Other), Force of Peace Aura I, Force Stun, Mind Trick

Master Level Powers:
Art of the Small, Force Absorb, Force Cloak, Force Concealment, Force Bubble, Mastered Telekinesis, Shatterpoint, Force Light, Force of Peace Aura II, Force Stasis, Malacia

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Bianca Ordana
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