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All the threads that have had their last reply until February 2012 have been moved to the uncompleted RP archive forum.
If you believe any of the threads were moved by mistake or you would  like to retrieve them in order to resume the RP, please reply to this thread or contact one of the owners/admins.

  • Frozen Memories (Open, TCU)
  • Pension Plan (invite only)
  • Oil change every 6 Months or 30,000 Light-years (Invite Only)
  • Honey, I'm Home (Saelia)
  • Hunting the Hunters (Open, See OOC)
  • A Child's Pain [Open]
  • Consumed from Within, I Disappear.. [Invite]
  • Blood and Power (Closed)
  • A Hunting I Shall Go [open - dragon hunt!]
  • New Acquisitions (TGE Dantooine Takeover - On Hold)
  • You want me to do what? Now that will cost you something extra. (TCU/Open)
  • Say You'll Haunt Me (Ogrolus)
  • distress signal from atop an ice cube
  • Brothers in Arms (TA Faction Thread, Open to All)
  • Staring Into The Abyss (Invite Only)
  • Ala Nu Vega (Open)
  • Coruscant nights (Fallon deWinter)
  • Building the future on Bakura
  • Divergent Destinies (Invite)
  • The Amazing Blacked Out and Tied Up Affair (Open except to Red Shirt)
  • Waking The Evanescent (Invite Only)[INACTIVE]
  • Staying Alive (Corrax, Open)
  • Blood of a Shapeshifter (Sandrius)
  • Fortune Favors the Bold - Open Thread
  • The one on the left is the brake (Nessa)
  • The Butterfly Winter (TA)
  • A Disquiet Follows my Soul (Jedi/TA)
Happy RP'ing!
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