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Leori Sheltrak
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Full Name: Leori Sheltrak
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthworld: Ossus
Homeworld(s): Ossus

Legal Status: Third generation Citizen.
Relationship Status: Single
Living Situation: Jedi Temple on Ossus
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Affiliation: Jedi Order
Rank: Knight

Personal Skills: Speaks Basic and Old Corellian, understands nearly all languages she encounters through social contact (and help of the Force). She's a registered nurse on Ossus, and has studied healing through the Force.

Personality: She is rather easy going and simply takes things one day at a time, goes with the flow of the Force. She has a very mellow disposition about her.

Hobbies: Training, singing.

Physical Stats
Avatar: Anne Hathaway
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Other: Perfect skin.

General Appearance: Her long brown hair is worn down, except when she trains, or for formal occasions. For the most part, she dresses as a middle class woman would. At times this can be somewhat revealing, but tasteful.

Possessions: Astromech Droid, Silver Bladed Lightsaber.

Complete History:
Leori was born on Ossus to two Jedi. Her father, a long standing member of the Council, and her mother, a Corellian Jedi knight who later was killed in action. Like every Jedi, she received a well rounded education in the Force, learning of the dark side as well as the light side, but her interest was in healing. Leori apprenticed with Han Skywalker from her tween years onward. Her thirst for knowledge was unquenchable.

In her teenage years, she tried quenching that thirst through substitution. She tried substituting companionship, but that ultimately ended badly for her. A young Jedi about her age had a similar thirst to hers for knowledge, or so she believed. They grew close, and eventually intimate. It seemed as though she'd found the other half of her soul, to her anyway. It however was not the case, as the young Jedi believed that the dark side held the fountain of knowledge that he desired. He disappeared one day, abandoning her and leaving her shaken inside. On the outside, she was calm and collected as always. Submerging herself into her training completely, she swore not to be intimate with another man, no matter what she desired. She also showed an interest in her mother's Corellian heritage and learned of their ways and even the old language.

At the young age of twenty, she found herself straying from the Temple and heading out into the world on her own. Leori chose to study on her own, outside of the influence of the Jedi. She worked hard and became a nurse. Her father, who even then was serving on the council, did not approve of her desire to venture out into the galaxy in pursuit of further knowledge outside of the Force. And so their relationship was strained and they spoke rarely over the years she spent studying and practicing.

Eventually she returned to the Temple, and learned that her father had become one with the Force not long before. Leori was devastated. Her father had always been a pillar of strength, and she felt guilty that she'd not felt the loss through the Force. In fact she had, but she hadn't recognized it for what it was. It had been too long since she'd felt the loss of someone close to her...

Returning then to her Master, she sought comfort and guidance. What she found was the kindness and affection that she'd missed in her time away. Leori resumed her duties to the Jedi Order, and her Master, and travels the galaxy trying to heal it, one person at a time.

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Leori Sheltrak
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Added to the index

Please note, all characters begin as padawans/apprentices/trainees on Descension,unless they are transferred from another site that has a similiar ranking system. If you wish to start as a Jedi Knight, please complete a rank transfer

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Leori Sheltrak
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Rank Transfer Completed and Approved with the following Force Powers:

Breath Control
Basic Telekinesis
Enhance Ability
Force Empathy
Force Persuasion
Force Sense
Magnify Senses
Meditative Trance
Control Pain
Force Healing (self)

Battle Precognition
Comprehend Speech
Enhanced Force Sense
Enhanced Telekinesis
Force Blinding
Force Choke
Force Deflect
Force Healing (others)
Mind Trick