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Darius Kovari Bio
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Character Name: Darius Arcturus Kovari
Alias: None currently
Age: 39
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Corellia

Faction Affiliation: The Alliance
Faction Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Occupation: Chief Yeoman
*OOC Rank: Trainee
Force Alignment: N/A

Darius has been described by others as a quiet, intense man. He does not speak often, and certainly not of trivial matters and gossip. When he speaks, it is because he feels it is important to say what's on his mind. He does not mind those who are more out-spoken than he is, and he will succumb to idle talks when someone engages him in them, but he does not suffer the pressure to be as quick to talk as some people are.

He has a strong sense of loyalty and duty to the Alliance and the men and women he serves with. In that regard, he's developed something of an on-off switch between his on-duty person and off-duty. While on-duty, he's loud and commanding, readily resorting to shouting to get things done when people balk or perform poorly. As a yeoman, his whole duty is to see to it that the orders of the Captain get handed out and performed in a timely fashion and drives hard on his men to see to it that such orders are done. And like he pushes his men, he pushes himself in the exact manner. He is not afraid to get dirty and work with others on a task.

Off-duty he's much more relaxed and quiet. Though not prone to outrageous fits of laughter, he nonetheless shows his appreciation for things in life and quietly. While he devotes himself to his duty, he has no love for the suffering of others and would love nothing more than see peace return to the galaxy. As a man with years of experience behind him, he knows that often times such peace demands sacrifice. To the people willing to sacrifice themselves for that cause he has nothing but the utmost respect and has a deep-seated hatred for those who would intentionally bring violence and bloodshed to the galaxy.

Born on Corellia to parents fully devoted to the newly founded Alliance, Darius practically grew up in the military. When he was old enough to walk and talk, he began learning about all manner of details of the Alliance military. His parents were proud that their son had taken a liking to their service and supported him as he grew older and continued to work to learn all that he could of the military. It was clear then that his life would be devoted to the Alliance, so his parents arranged for him to come with them on a tour when he was sixteen.

With all the energy one would expect of a young teen, he threw himself into what meager duties he was given. Because of his status outside the military proper, he could not be given any duties that might bring him in contact with sensitive or classified information, so he was often relegated to clean-up or maintenance duties. Any little thing he could do, he was happy to do. By the time he was eighteen, he was ready for formal service. It was a leap he was eager for and dove headlong into.

Young and headstrong that he was, Darius first served the Alliance in the role of a fighter pilot. CAP duties, flight exercises, milk-runs; anything that could put him in a cockpit for a number of hours was something he lived for. After more than a decade of service, a pirate ambush nearly proved to be his undoing. So sure of his abilities, he was lured into an ambush and quickly overwhelmed, shot down over a desolate planet. Badly injured, and with help several hours away, he had to fight off and avoid pirate scouting parties until he could be rescued. The experience left him with a limp in his left leg, something that would come to signifying his mood of the day. His injuries were such that he was given a medical leave of absence and forced to rethink his military career.

After months of intense physical therapy, Darius became a yeoman and served under the senior command on board starships to oversea the minutia of command and carry out the senior officer's orders. He ingrained himself within the command staff as a loyal man who would do what needed to be done and see to it that others performed to the standards of the Alliance military.

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Darius Kovari Bio
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