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Julius Rainier
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Avatar : Enrique Iglesias
Name : Julius Rainier
Alias : None
Age : 23
Race : Human
Gender : Male
Homeworld : Tatooine

Faction Affiliation : None
Faction Rank : None
Occupation : Singer / Spy
 OOC Rank : Trainee
Alignment : Chaotic Neutral

Personality : Julius is like in brother in many ways. He is relaxed, calm, and does not lack for self-confidence. Unlike his brother, who plans ahead for everything, Julius likes to dive in headfirst and let things work out while in progress.

History: Julius was born on the same planet as his brother, Tatooine. He lived there with his brother, participating in everything his brother did. He always backed his brother up, even if he was the older sibling. He developed a strong camaraderie with him, willing to do anything for Skyler, and he knew his brother would do the same for him. Julius, instead of demonstrating the mechanic skills of his brother, demonstrated more treacherous traits. He was skilled in subterfuge and misdirection from a young age, able to trick any adult into doing anything he wanted.  Unlike his brother who hated blasters, Julius always had one on him, and always practiced with it, with deadly accuracy. He always thought that the galaxy was a bad place, and if you couldn't defend yourself, it would kill you, another reason why he felt so bad for leaving his brother behind in the Underworld. He started to perform later on in life, singing with great success in Cantina's and clubs on Tatooine. He quickly rose and left his brother behind, a fact he sorely regrets. He currently travels the galaxy, singing for crowds of thousands as he goes from planet to planet.

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Julius Rainier
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